Durch unsere Expertise und unseren herausragenden Technologien entwickeln wir branchenübergreifende Lösungen, von Tabak und Hanfprodukten über Trinkhalme bis hin zur Energiespeicherung.

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Unsere Produkte vereinen bewährtes Ingenieurwissen, hochmoderne, digitale Technologien und ein umfassendes weltweites Serviceangebot.

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A matter of trust

Shared data are the fuel of the digital revolution. Sharing data across corporate boundaries requires a trusting partnership. Hauni invests in certification processes to build its partners’ trust.

Machinery and equipment in the tobacco industry generate huge volumes of data – from the delivery of the raw materials to the production processes and the final quality control.

However, most of this priceless resource still goes unused despite its enormous potential for enhancing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in production. With its new big data analytics solutions, Hauni is continuously seeking out new ways to open this treasure chest of data – for the benefit of its customers. "We are working on a lot of new applications and services that use big data analytics, for example, to process large volumes of data from our customers’ production plants. We use complex algorithms to find the optimum machine parameters for their specific manufacturing processes or significantly reduce unwanted machine downtime," says Jan Sahlke, Chief Information Security Officer at Hauni. When developing such solutions, Hauni is constantly aware that the foundation for evaluating this machine data is the trust of the customers who are willing to share their information in the first place. "We have to work hard to earn this trust. Protecting our customers’ sensitive data is our top priority," says Jan Sahlke. "To do this, we focus on identifying methods to secure data connections and provide various security features along the data stream from the source to the application. These begin with IT security packages on Hauni computers that block unwanted network access, malicious USB devices, etc. Firewalls, encryption and VPN tunnels secure network transmissions and are backed up by secure data storage."

Transparency for trust

During the implementation of all its IT security measures, Hauni follows the guidelines laid out by the international standard ISO 27001 for the protection of corporate data. This describes the requirements for setting up, implementing, operating and optimizing a documented information security management system. "We started the ISO 27001 certification process for our big data analytics services in March 2018. This will be completed after the audit in August 2019," says Sahlke. "We believe that we can build trust through security. That’s the reason we decided to undertake this complex process. We are documenting our data processing activities within the framework of the ISO certification. This allows us to identify risks, minimize them and ensure that our customers can see us for what we are – their expert partner for the efficient and secure transfer, processing, storage and analysis of data, and a provider of applications that can transform their data into value."

The ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certificate can be downloaded here

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