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The most adaptable combiner in the world

The KDF 6MF LEAD filter combiner was presented for the first time at the end of last year. It stands for precision and unprecedented flexibility in the high-speed range from 600 m/min.

Familiar LEAD technology in a new machine environment: no tools are needed to replace the new, flowoptimized suction shoe.

Hauni unveiled the new multifilter maker at its inhouse exhibition in November 2016. The feedback on the brand-new KDF 6MF LEAD from the international audience was overwhelmingly positive.

This came as no surprise: the development of the highquality multifilter maker built on the experience and success of the high-precision KDF 5MF (launched in 2013) and technology from the KDF 6LEAD filter maker, which is renowned for its outstanding flexibility. “The result is the most versatile multifilter maker currently available on the market for the rapidly growing 600 m sector.

The KDF 6MF LEAD runs up to 20 percent faster than the KDF 5MF and produces end products of the highest quality,” explains Sören Witlake, Product Consultant at Hauni. “The focus on flexibility permeates the whole machine. Customers can extend the standard configuration of our new flagship model with modules for materials used in every current application. It ensures the maker – which is completely oil-free – is perfect for an enormous range of current and future tasks.”

Hauni sets a new standard in efficient format conversion with its innovative, oil-free accelerating drum for flexible formats.

lStay competitive in a changing market!r

Sören Witlake, Product Consultant

More productivity. Less complexity.

Manufacturers are constantly demanding solutions with an ever greater level of flexibility. In response, the developers systematically integrated Hauni LEAD technology, which enables the length and diameter format to be changed faster than ever before, throughout the machine – from the modular drum section to the rod maker. “In the basic configuration, this has allowed us to reduce conversion time from quality to quality down to an unrivalled four hours,” says Sören Witlake.
“Offline/online conversion software with a conversion assistant on the machine makes format changes as simple as can be. In the KDF 6MF LEAD, the fully automated adjustment of the transfer wheel optimizes the brand change at the sensitive transfer point from the drum to the rod maker. “As well as the traditional design. The redesigned acceleration drum features innovative concepts for reducing the complexity of adjustment processes. These include the flexible format track, which can be adjusted without dismantling the drum and significantly cuts the conversion time. Oilfree lubrication guarantees product quality and also minimizes maintenance. “Overall, our LEAD concept offers advantages not only in terms of radically faster conversion times,” explains Sören Witlake. “Optimized machine handling, made possible by our LEAD developments, also pays significant dividends through time saved in cleaning, maintenance and repair work.”

Next level of human-machine-interaction

Options for greater flexibility

The optional extras for the latest addition to the KDF family also show that Hauni is clearly focusing on workload reduction and flexibility for its customers. The smart brand change introduced for the KDF 6MF LEAD with safe, dry and easy-to-handle conversion units in boxes (see article p. 12) underlines Hauni’s focus during the product development process. Brand changes need to be done fast without any compromise on quality. Making the user experience as simple as possible is the upcoming challenge to prevent increasing downtimes. This is confirmed by the optional EYEPORT one-for-all sensor system featuring a wide range of sensor modules. Modules, such as the MIDAS-MD capsule detection system, enable customers to perform additional quality control tests tailored precisely to the specific filter they choose from the huge range of special filters available.

No space? No problem!

The new 600 m/min. machine also offers an impressive range of logistics options. No additional footprint due to onboard “base rod feeding are an option for the customer. “The basic version of the maker offers a tray-based filter feed so manufacturers are not obliged to invest in additional logistics. This is a unique selling point in the high speed market,” explains Sören Witlake. “In addition, customers can use feed systems such as RTS mass flow feed, a FILTROMAT-D or the UNloading Option UNO which is a tray unloader on top of the machine.  For the paper supply, there is the option of using an internal bobbin changer or a BOB-ME bobbin loader."

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