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Körber and Boegli push innovations

Pioneering sustainable and decorative solutions for tipping and filter paper

In an ever-evolving business landscape, the standout partnerships are those that drive mutual growth, innovation, and success. Such is the collaboration between Körber and Boegli. Boegli-Gravures, recognized as a global leader in high precision engraving of embossing rollers, surface functionalization rollers, and a premier provider of embossing tools for the packaging industry, found a synergistic ally in Körber's innovative ethos.

Their partnership began with an ambitious project to transform tipping paper decoration. Rather than merely presenting an aesthetic appeal, the goal was to offer a product that would captivate both the eyes and the senses. The resultant 3D embossing solution for tipping papers, born out of this partnership, brought forth a significantly improved end product for their common customers, due to the harmonious and close collaboration.

The triumph of this project laid down a sturdy foundation for their subsequent venture. Drawing upon the insights and knowledge garnered from the 3D tipping project, they pivoted towards addressing a timely and vital industry demand: providing embossing solutions designed for the implementation of bio-degradable filter paper materials by their customers. The spotlight was not just cast upon aesthetic and tactile qualities, but also aimed at responding to a broader industry shift towards sustainable filter paper materials.

This evolving collaboration between Körber and Boegli-Gravures exemplifies the potency of synergistic teamwork. This mutually beneficial partnership underscores Körber's ecosystem approach, where customer value is augmented through collaborations with experts situated at varied nodes within the value chain.

Leveraging this flourishing partnership, Boegli-Gravures introduced Twistbossing™, a solution that transcends mere technical innovation in the embossing of bio-degradable filter paper materials. It assures enhanced filtration control with its innovative embossing profiles, engineered to generate turbulences that optimize particle entrapment, thereby elevating the filtration quality and consumer sensory experience. Furthermore, compared to traditional crimping methods, this precision-led embossing technique mitigates dust generation, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient process.

Through its meticulously embossed 3D topographies, Twistbossing™ provides firmer and more resilient filters, increasing thus their hardness. Furthermore, it significantly paves the way for a substantial reduction in filter paper material consumption, thereby underlining the ecological footprint of the Twistbossing™ technique and contributing to sustainability efforts in the industry.

This partnership between Körber and Boegli powerfully reflects Dr. Heller's vision: "Instead of using individual or exclusively our own solutions, we adopt an integral methodology. We involve other partners to help customers achieve their objectives. We create an end-to-end solution for the customer, with production material suppliers, upstream and downstream machines, and software solutions that extend our range of consultancy services."

In forging this robust alliance, Körber and Boegli aspire to establish themselves at the forefront, crafting nuanced solutions for bio-degradable filter papers and personalized tipping papers. Their journey, akin to natural ecosystems, demonstrates that in the realm of business, the most impactful narratives are forged through collaboration and mutual growth.

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