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Sustainability in the Business Area Technologies

Sustainable thinking determines the way we conduct our business and is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. We in the Business Area Technologies look back on many years of commitment to the areas of waste management, the environment, e-mobility, reduction of energy consumption, as well as to social issues.  

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Körber's Business Area Technologies has been awarded by the CSR assessment agency EcoVadis.

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Our contribution towards sustainability

l... we only have one earth and its resources are finite. For me, sustainable action means finding and exploring new ways to continuously reduce the use of resources, replace them with renewable ones wherever possible, and to protect or restore natural habitats. It also involves ensuring that our interactions are based on equality and social justice. r

Jürgen Spykman, Chief Executive Officer

Our corporate values

Our six values – respect, customer satisfaction, innovation, networking people & knowledge, responsibility and future orientation – define what we do on a daily basis and how we deal with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Based on these corporate values, we have defined clear codes of conduct and requirements for ourselves and our activities in our corporate guidelines.

To our Corporate Values
To our Corporate Guidelines

Putting our principles into practice

Our Corporate Guidelines are derived from the Körber Group's Code of Conduct. Our conduct must always reflect our principles and corporate values, as well as legal requirements and social norms. This applies in all the countries in which we operate. Compliance with external and internal regulations is mandatory for all employees. We have outlined this stance in dedicated guidelines and instructions.

To the Code of Conduct for the Körber Group
To the Körber Group’s Policy Statement
To the Code of Conduct for Suppliers
Report Compliance and Human Rights Violations 
To the Human and Labour Rights Guidelines
To the Sustainable Procurement Guideline
To the Occupational Health and Safety Policy
To the Environmental Guideline


Combining our efforts to achieve a common goal

The Körber Group’s sustainability strategy has enshrined within it clear guidelines. We in the Business Area Technologies contribute towards achieving sustainability goals and towards translating strategy into clear actions. By combining our efforts and pooling our years of expertise, we can increase the impact of our activities significantly.

To the Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is not an individual project. It's teamwork. Especially when it comes to sustainability, we are firmly convinced that we are stronger together. And we love collaboration – in all areas. Internally, where we operate as a team of people from all of our Business Areas and specialist functions. And externally, where we are inspired by our customers and our participations in associations and organizations and can pass on our know-how and experience. Constructive reflection and mutual encouragement help all of us to move forward.

Sustainability Representatives in the Körber Group  

People responsible for sustainability in the Business Area Technologies

Sustainably united - our sustainability goals

With 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global community is committed to better environmental protection, more social justice and education. These goals form a globally recognized roadmap – and we are doing our part to help achieve them. Together with the other Business Areas in the Körber Group, we will be consistently reducing our carbon footprint to achieve climate neutrality in production by 2025, for example. We continue to expand our position as a fair and attractive employer as well as our responsibility to implement environmental and social practices in our supply chains.

To our Sustainability Goals
To the Sustainability Report for the Körber GroupDownload the Sustainability Report 2021 of the Körber Group

How we developed our goals

The needs and interests of our internal and external stakeholders are many and varied. And so we do not lose sight of what’s most important, we structure and evaluate these key issues in a so-called materiality matrix as part of an ongoing process.

To the Materiality Analysis of the Körber Group

We saved 10,543 tons of CO₂ from 2010 to 2020

We monitored our carbon footprint for scopes 1 and 2 for the first time in 2010. This resulted in extensive measures to improve energy efficiency and to save electricity and gas. Thanks to the 20 to 25-year lifespan of our machines and the rebuilds that we have been performing since 1989, we have also been actively supporting our customers on their sustainability journey.

Further documents

The Business Area Technologies has been monitoring its sustainability activities and publishing developments in the Progress Report since back in 2010. In the 2021 financial year, Körber launched its business area-wide sustainability initiative. Sustainability is not just a recent development in the Körber Group, because each of its Business Areas previously focused on different aspects. We are now combining each of these initiatives within the Group into one holistic approach. So since 2021, sustainability activities have been documented and published in a joint sustainability report. 

2021 Progress Report

Our detailed results and progress over the past year are summarized in the 2021 Progress Report for the Körber Business Area Technologies.

Download PDF file (6 MB)

2018 Focus Report

In 2018, the Körber Business Area Technologies focused its sustainability activities on preserving biodiversity. The 2018 Focus Report introduces this topic and provides an overview of our first location-wide sustainability campaign for more biodiversity and nature conservation.

Download PDF file (5 MB)

2017 Focus Report

Our sustainability strategies aim to continue making progress in all areas – including mobility. For example, we have invested in a fleet of electric vehicles to reduce CO₂ emissions. This was already a topic in the Focus Report back in 2017.

Download PDF file (2 MB)

2016 Sustainability Report

How do we implement the concept of sustainability in the company in a very practical and specific way in the Business Area Technologies? What are the measurable results? We answered this question and more in our Sustainability Report 2016. 

Download PDF file (3 MB)

2010 Sustainability Report (Only available in German)

The first Sustainability Report of the Körber Business Area Technologies, formerly the Tobacco Division, is an initial stocktaking of what we have already worked on in 2010 in the various units and companies with regard to sustainability. At the same time, it was a guideline for the challenges of the future.

Download PDF file (2 MB)

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