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Sustainable paper straws

Secure your place in the rapidly growing paper straw market with the HSM from Körber. It combines everything that sets Körber Technologies apart: precision, high speed and sustainability.

Upturn in straw productionBest case: Matrix PackThe benefits of the HSMThe HSM in operation


Upturn in straw production

The market for eco-friendly straws is booming. More and more states and cities are banning plastic straws, which have been completely banned in the EU since 2021. The restaurant business and the food industry are therefore looking for alternatives that are affordable and sustainable, but have similar properties to plastic straws. We can achieve these criteria with the HSM, the world's fastest paper straw production line.

How our expertise benefits you

Tried and tested

We had extensive experience to draw upon when developing the HSM. Körber has been building machines for producing precisely formed paper tubes at high speed for several years now. We are now applying that expertise to paper straws.

Straws keep their shape

The HSM does not use the widespread spiral-wound process, it joins the paper together in two layers in a linear process. This prevents any overlapping. When immersed in liquid, the straws retain their shape and functionality for at least two hours.

Economical on resources

Thanks to its unique process, the HSM consumes up to 50 percent less glue than other straw production lines. This cuts costs and protects the environment.

Perfect combination: how Matrix Pack is using the HSM

One of the largest producers of straws in Europe also uses paper instead of plastic. The Greek company Matrix Pack has purchased three HSMs, and created a perfect combination with existing machines. These give the straws produced by the HSM the bend that many beverage producers are looking for.

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Produce the straws yourself or have them produced? The choice is yours

Made-to-order production at Matrix Pack

You want to get into the straw business, but don't want to invest in your own machine? Our partner produces ready-to-sell paper straws with the HSM according to your requirements.

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Producing them yourself with the HSM

It pays to buy a HSM. Produce sustainable paper straws in an efficient manner based on a tried and tested process that is economical on resources.

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This sets the HSM apart

High speed

With an efficiency of more than 90 percent, the HSM can produce up to 300 metres per minute or 1.8 million straws per day - about five times more than comparable machines.

Different sizes

The HSM can produce a huge range of lengths and circumferences: from 120 to 320 millimetres in length and from 4.5 to 8 millimetres in diameter.

Paper and colour selection

The straws can be produced from different types of paper and in different colours, for example grey, blue, red, yellow and green.

The HSM in operation: this is how it works

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Facts and figures on the HSM

More information on the fastest paper straw maker can be found in the HSM Business Case.

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