We use our expertise and our excellent technologies to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco and hemp products, straws to energy storage. 

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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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Curious about the latest manufacturing breakthroughs, trends, and innovations? Dive into Körber Technologies' news hub to explore cutting-edge insights shaping the industry of the future. Discover our ongoing research, new product launches, and where you can meet our experts at global events. Plus, explore the latest issues of hilite, our company magazine, for deeper industry perspectives.

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hilite, Körber Technologies' prestigious magazine, reveals the cutting-edge world of manufacturing solutions in the tobacco industry. This award-winning publication provides in-depth coverage of customer-focused innovations and internal projects. Covering industry insights and trends, hilite offers a compelling glimpse into Körber's pioneering journey in transforming the manufacturing landscape.

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Explore the latest breakthroughs, insights, and innovations in our industry. Dive into our articles to discover what's shaping the future of manufacturing. Stay ahead with Körber's latest developments and stay connected to the pulse of our industry.

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Discover Körber Technologies' global presence at industry-leading events. Experience firsthand our innovative solutions and insights showcased at conferences, fairs, and expos worldwide. Join us in shaping the future of manufacturing.

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We are Körber

We share the same vision, the same goals and now the same name. Since 1 September 2022, Hauni, Garbuio, Decouflé, Borgwaldt, Borgwaldt Flavor, Sodim and Kodis are Körber!

Rebranding FAQ

Körber Business Area Technologies develops customized solutions in the areas of machinery and equipment, software, measuring instruments, flavors and services focusing primarily on the tobacco and beverage industries. With our 25 global production, sales and service locations, we see ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers. Keeping their goals in mind, we supply and integrate technologies of exceptional quality with passion, precision and performance to help them achieve their full potential.

We are Körber – an international technology group with about 12,000 employees at more than 100 locations worldwide and a common goal: We turn entrepreneurial thinking into customer success and shape the technological change. In the Business Areas Digital, Pharma, Supply Chain and Technologies, we offer products, solutions and services that inspire. We act fast to customer needs, we execute ideas seamlessly, and with our innovations we create added value for our customers. In doing so, we are increasingly building on ecosystems that solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Körber AG is the holding company of the Körber Group.

The same passion and commitment that led to Hauni being founded in 1946 are the benchmarks we aspire to today. Now is the right time to go beyond what we have already achieved, by uniting all our companies and their solutions under one brand, which is also the name of our founder: Körber.

For more than 75 years, we have been providing you with exceptional technology to help your business flourish, while keeping an eye on current and future trends. We take pride in being the world's leading partner to the international tobacco industry and in the fact that our innovative solutions are inspiring to other industries, too.

As the founding company of the Körber Group, Hauni pioneered what we share with our customers and partners: our entrepreneurial DNA – we are the home for entrepreneurs.

As defined in our Joint Strategy 2024, our goal is to strengthen our core business as one company, while at the same time integrating new technologies and business models, as well as growing our business by opening up new markets. And Körber’s strong brand name is an asset in that respect – especially when it comes to new industries. For this reason, since 1 September 2022, all Hauni Group brands are Körber and the Körber Business Area Tobacco has become the Business Area Technologies. This change in name underscores how closely connected we are to the other business areas in the Körber Group and our ambition to grow beyond the limitations of the tobacco industry.

Two interlocking rings with the name “KÖRBER” in the centre – Körber AG’s logo has been around for more than 40 years. Not only does it go back decades, it also has symbolic meaning. As the company’s founder Kurt A. Körber once described it, it represents the existential bond Körber AG and its companies have with the Körber-Stiftung and its societal activities.
It was always important to Körber to devote himself not only to his company, which he founded in Hamburg after the Second World War and expanded into an internationally successful industrial group in just a few years, but also to contribute towards solving issues that society faces. He did so both personally and through the Körber-Stiftung, which he founded in 1959. Körber always saw the economy and culture as interlocking circles and their interconnectedness as essential for a functioning society.

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