We use our expertise and our excellent technologies to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco and hemp products, straws to energy storage. 

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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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Smokable Hemp

The future of pre-roll production

Secure your share of the growing hemp pre-roll market, also known as the cannabis cigarette industry. With our state-of-the-art fully automated pre-roll machine, you can produce cylindrical joints of the highest quality while meeting your specific needs. Our expertise in pre-roll manufacturing makes us the ideal partner for any company seeking to break into the rapidly expanding hemp market.

More than a machine supplier, we offer an entire ecosystem to support manufacturers from the earliest stages of design and testing, going through the product development, until getting to the very final products and planning portfolio expansion.

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Körber's Hauni CANTOS

Scalable solutions for every manufacturer

Whether you are a start-up or a corporation, we offer you scalable solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. Building on our expertise as a global technology leader in the tobacco industry, we have also developed a hemp sector portfolio that is second to none. Our machines can process both industrial hemp and reconstituted hemp.

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From tube filling machine to fully automated pre-roll production
Complete support for design, automation, and growth
Reduce costs and be ahead of the market with cylindrical pre-rolls

Cylindrical pre-rolls: the ultimate choice for manufacturers in the hemp industry

Dive into game-changing innovation, cost-efficiency, automation, and a superior smoking experience reshaping the pre-roll landscape for manufacturers. Explore the benefits of the shift to cylindrical joints. 

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Benefits of Our Product

Boost efficiency with cylindrical pre-rolls

With a cheaper and more efficient production, hemp tubes are the future of pre-roll manufacturing. As the industry evolves from cone pre-rolls and consumers demand innovative products, manufacturers have new opportunities to grow and establish themselves as leaders in the hemp tube market.

Production Costs of only 0.02$ per pre-roll

Our machines enable high-quality and more cost-efficient pre-roll production than conical pre-roll makers

Scale production

Produce up to 5,000 pre-rolls per minute

More resistant outcome

Less prone to damage during packaging and transportation

Versatile packaging

Tube pre-rolls are easier and cheaper to pack than cone pre-rolls

Biodegradable filters

Partner with us for your eco-friendly filter production


Shape and airflow familiar to tobacco consumers and better smoking experience

Discover our pre-roll machines

Our machinery portfolio includes a variety of options, from basic tube-filling equipment to easy-to-use plug-and-play pre-roll makers. For those looking for a more streamlined and efficient production process, we also offer fully automated production systems. No matter what your specific needs may be, we have the machinery solutions to help you achieve your production goals.

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We develop your products with you

We're more than just a supplier of manufacturing equipment. We're your dedicated partner in planning, designing, and implementing your pre-roll production. Let us help you succeed on the path towards business success.

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Support with pre-roll product design
Licensed hemp test environment for sample production
Joint development until final product
Planning of production process and installation of machinery
Partner for further growth and portfolio expansions

We have the right solution for every requirement

Körber Technologies goes beyond being a machine supplier for hemp pre-roll manufacturers. We offer comprehensive product development solutions, combining multiple components to create tailored and innovative products. Count on us to be your reliable partner in the evolving hemp industry.


From mango to menthol, we can enhance the taste experience by adding flavors to raw materials or during the pre-roll production process.

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Quality control

Upon request, we can take care of the quality control process, from analyzing chemical composition to inspecting moisture content and visual appearance.

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Biodegradable filters

Our paper filters are 100% biodegradable and can be used for a wide range of shapes.

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Cylindrical tubes

Our high-performance machines produce cylindrical tubes that are suitable for a wide variety of filters, including hemp cigarettes made of extremely lightweight paper.

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Reconstituted hemp paper

Reconstituted hemp paper is used for a wide variety of tobacco products. We produce consistent quality for you, with flavors tailored to suit your requirements.

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We are there when you need us

Need some assistance? Whether you need help with installation, commissioning, performance analyses, repair or maintenance, our experienced staff will advise and assist you on site if necessary. Or is it hardware-related? Whether it's a conversion, a retrofit or a replacement, our global logistics network will supply you with the right parts immediately. We are there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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