We use our expertise and our excellent technologies to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco and hemp products, straws to energy storage. 

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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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Outstanding machines to suit your needs

We are your partner of choice when it comes to hardware: we can offer you the ideal technical solution for virtually any stage of your production process. Our machines set industry standards.

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We set technological standards

Let us take your production to a whole new level. Our cigarette and filter makers set standards worldwide in their ability to produce conventional and alternative tobacco products - in terms of performance, speed, quality and flexibility. We can offer the right technical solution for virtually any production step that you want to make more efficient.

Customized solutions to meet your production requirements

Cigarette makers

Our HAUNI Protos cigarette makers set the standard for the tobacco industry worldwide. First of all, the machines form the tobacco into a long, endless rod, wrap it in paper, glue the edges, then cut it into cigarettes of the required length.

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The HAUNI DWR+ is an optimized version of the Direct Waste Recovery System (DWR) for use in cigarette, cigar, cigarillo and hemp production. An electromagnetic process gently separates the tobacco from the filters and paper. This means that up to 96 percent of the tobacco waste can be recycled back into production. The system can be used as a stand-alone solution and can be combined with all commonly used makers.

Laser perforation

The HAUNI Laserport is the market leader among more than 1,900 laser-based perforation systems and is a prime example of the combination of flexibility and efficiency. It can laser between 1 and 99 holes in one or two rows and process up to 20,000 cigarettes per minute. 
Thanks to its modular design, time and costs for retrofitting, repairs and maintenance are reduced to a minimum.

HAUNI Lab Maker

The Lab Maker is ideally suited for use in R&D departments and for producing small batches. It consists of a combination of the Prolab-P rod maker and the Prolab-F filter assembler. Both components can be used independently of one another and combined with any other additional equipment.

High-bay tray store

Our automated high-bay store allows you to store cigarettes and filters that are finished but not yet packed. At any given moment, you know exactly how many cigarettes and filters of which brand are currently in the store.

Tray reservoir

Finished cigarettes and filters are conveyed into trays, each of which can hold up to 4,000 cigarettes. Our equipment can change up to four of these trays per minute. Despite this high speed, the cigarettes are handled gently.

Pneumatic feed

Our filter stations can be equipped with up to ten modules that propel 2,500 filters per minute via compressed air. They are virtually wear-free, self-cleaning and restart automatically after fault messages.

Massflow reservoir

Our conveying systems ensure a perfect connection from one station to the next. Despite a propulsion speed of 20,000 cigarettes per minute, they handle the products extremely gently, regardless of cigarette or filter size.

Filter tubes

Our portfolio also includes highly efficient equipment for filter tubes used by smokers of tubing tobacco. Our machines can produce up to 10,000 filter tubes per minute. The machines for each station in the production line are perfectly coordinated, from the maker to the buffer system to the packing station. This ensures that processes run seamlessly.

HAUNI Nano-T tube maker

The HAUNI Nano-T stands for high output and high quality yet low maintenance and low operating costs. It can produce up to 8,000 filter tubes per minute and can be converted from 15 mm to 25 mm filters in less than four hours.

HAUNI Qube packer

The HAUNI Qube packer can pack filter tubes into packs in sizes from 50 to 500 filters and other special formats. Switching between formats can be accomplished in no time at all. In addition to its flexibility, the HAUNI Qube packer features low noise emissions and a compact design, requiring a footprint of only ten square metres.

Filter rod makers

Filter cigarette smokers are always expecting new products. For manufacturers, this means having to offer filters with specific and distinctive properties. Our machines help you meet these criteria. Whether producing standard filters or special products such as capsule or hollow filters, our equipment features maximum automation, outstanding quality and high flexibility. Brands can be changed within a few minutes, and filter rod lengths in about 20 minutes.

Monofilter and special filter makers

With our filter makers, you can produce filters to your exact specifications, and secure a unique selling point in a market that calls for continued innovation.

New machine: HAUNI KDF 6 Lead
Explanation of the technology

Multifilter makers

Our multifilter makers can combine multiple base filter segments. A fully automatic reservoir system ensures that the correct components are supplied.

Explanation of the technology

Sustainable solution: biodegradable filters

New environmental guidelines offer you new market opportunities. By producing biodegradable filters, for example. We are your partner of choice when it comes to establishing an eco-friendly filter production setup.

Future trend: biodegradable filters

Inside Technology: Pure nature

A market with a future: tobacco heating products

With us, you secure your share of a growing market: tobacco heating products. THPs represent the biggest breakthrough in the tobacco industry since filter cigarettes were introduced around 100 years ago and are considered reduced-risk products. We cover the entire THP production process chain, from Primary and Secondary through to logistics solutions.

Primary for recon tobacco

Recon products used for THPs have different chemical and physical properties. We offer suitable Primary equipment and services for all variants.

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Base rods

We offer a range of technologies for producing base rods, such as the SCM Strip Cut Maker, which cuts recon webs into narrow strips which are then formed into THP rods.

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Pre-combining & Final Combining

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Our multifilter maker for pre-combining different THP filter segments, can be easily integrated into your THP production. During final combining, you can use our latest highlight: The Multi Segment Maker HAUNI MSM is modular and can combine up to five functions: tobacco rod forming, tipping, laser perforation, inspection, cutting and turning.

Logistics equipment

We have developed logistics systems specifically for the THP sector. This includes the HAUNI Ventis, a highly flexible first-in first-out reservoir that connects the maker and the packer.

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Sustainable paper straws

Plastic straws have been banned worldwide for environmental reasons. Our HSM straw maker offers a sustainable alternative for the food and restaurant industries: paper straws. The HSM produces paper straws much faster than comparable equipment and consumes much less glue.

This sets the HSM apart

The HSM does not use the widespread spiral-wound method, it joins the paper in a linear manner. This prevents any overlaps and consumes up to 50 percent less glue than other straw makers. The HSM can also produce at speeds of up to 300 metres per minute, with lengths of between 120 and 320 millimetres, circumferences from 4.5 to 8 millimetres and in various colors. 

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The process the HSM uses to make drinking straws consumes up to 50 percent less glue than the spiral-wound production method.

Hemp pre-roll products

The market for hemp-based smoking products is growing steadily. We offer you an extensive range of machines for processing industrial and reconstituted hemp, with which you can participate in this market. With scalable products that fit exactly to your specifications.

TFM tube filling machine

The TFM tube filling machine is ideal for frequent and fast brand changes. It fills and closes cylindrical, pre-fabricated hemp tubes automatically at a speed of 80 pre-rolls per minute. Thanks to the machine’s small number of parts, it can be cleaned and converted in next to no time.

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Cantos automatic maker

The Cantos automatic maker is ideally suited for processing larger quantities of products of the same brand. It can process pre-roll products with and without filters as well as hemp biomass and pure flower material. With a speed of up to 150 products per minute, the Cantos is highly efficient. It also has an online weight control system.

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The Nano-H is particularly suitable for industrial production. This fully automatic cigarette maker can produce up to 5,000 pre-rolls per minute and is optimized for shredded hemp blends and recon paper. It separates out heavy items such as stems and seeds and minimizes tobacco waste thanks to a high-precision pre-roll formation process.

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A new yardstick in battery cell production

We are taking energy storage a decisive step forward with our KCM Körber Cell Maker. The machine efficiently produces battery cells of the highest quality at minimum cost, based on a combination of proven automation technology, high speed and precision.

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