We use our expertise and our excellent technologies to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco and hemp products, straws to energy storage. 

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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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We offer not only single solutions, but an ecosystem

Companies from all industries are faced with completely new challenges. That's why Körber is developing new strategies. Our ecosystem approach looks beyond individual products and process steps. In collaboration with our customers, we combine multiple components to create a holistic solution.

We believe in sustainable partnerships to deliver the best outcome for our customers. Across the value chain, we optimize our services that are beneficial to our customers.

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Ecosystem: Looking at the bigger picture

Companies from all industries are currently undergoing profound change. They have to become faster, more efficient, more cost-effective and more sustainable. Our ecosystem approach reflects these challenges: we create holistic solutions that enable our customers to achieve their goals. To this end, we involve our external partner network and expand our portfolio with upstream and downstream machines, software solutions and consulting services.

Our many years of experience in developing top-quality machines and digital solutions and our broad service network make us the right partner for you. Together we combine individual solutions to form a complete solution that enables you to overcome the challenges your company faces. You benefit, for example, from our cooperation with Körber's Digital and Supply Chain business areas and their end-to-end logistics solutions.

The challenges our customers face are very different. Likewise, their goals differ, too. An ecosystem approach tries to find the optimum solution for each customer. We keep our eye on megatrends at the same time. These include the need for companies to become more sustainable, to significantly increase their productivity and overall plant efficiency and drastically reduce waste.

Our customer's factory is at the heart of our ecosystem approach

Körber Business Area Technologies is synonymous with exceptional products and is more than a supplier for its customers when required: the Körber Business Area Technologies integrates both its own solutions and partner solutions and accompanies customers on their own particular journey to becoming a Factory of Excellence.

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End-to-end: integrated solutions for your entire plant

End-to-end, or E2E for short, means that we do not look at a machine or factory in isolation, but understand what role it plays within a broader context. We document this role in a joint analysis produced together with the customer that starts at the factory gate and only stops on leaving the production hall.

All over the world, companies from every industry are having to face new challenges: stricter regulations, changing consumer requirements, as well as considerable pressure to innovate and reduce costs. Hardly any company can tackle these challenges alone. E2E helps, because it means the end of process silos. All the digital and physical processes of a product cycle are interlinked, including vertically. This constitutes a quantum leap in transparency and efficiency for E2E companies.

Within our network, we bring together key experts from all areas that are relevant to our customers. This enables us to offer them the very best solutions. It allows us to evolve beyond our role as a supplier and producer: as an integrator, we can combine different solutions, and as an orchestrator, we can connect entire networks of partners and ideas together. 

Factory of Excellence: step by step towards the company of the future

Would you like to transform your company so that it can adapt to future challenges at any time? A structured approach is crucial to developing such a Factory of Excellence. We assist you right from the start with our E2E approach: we analyze your company's current situation, define goals and identify starting points. On this basis, we develop a plan with you that combines long-term goals with quickly measurable improvements and does not hinder any routine processes.

Step 1: discovery call

To start things off, all participants discuss their ideas, goals and challenges in a workshop. This way, a common understanding of the project is developed, thereby forming the basis upon which everyone can best contribute their knowledge during the course of the project.

Step 2: the perfect team

Experts who work in different areas of the companies involved are gathered into a team. Combining the customer's experience, Körber's expertise and input from neutral experts such as Porsche Consulting and Ernst & Young ensures that optimum solutions, procedures and results are achieved.

Step 3: potential analysis

The experts gather all the information on processes, machines, software, challenges and particularities of production over a period of three to four weeks. The focus here is on weakpoints and potential. The team examines possible solutions and asks how long would it take to implement them? What would the effects be? How high would the costs be?

Step 4: forging the plan

After conducting in-depth analyses, the team decides on the appropriate solution and determines the optimum sequence for its implementation. This develops into a roadmap with fixed milestones that forms the basis for implementing the project.

Our partner portfolio

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The FactoryPal solutions enable you to leverage the opportunity to step into Industry 4.0 and increase OEE with an AI-based algorithm. The technology holistically analyzes each individual production line’s data for every specific production run. These recommendations enable process and machine operators to fully control machine parameter settings with our mobile app.

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DAIN Studios

DAIN Studios offers a broad portfolio in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. Through our partnership, DAIN Studios and Körber help your company to understand, use and protect data with innovative and customized solutions.

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Boegli-Gravures S.A. designs, develops and manufactures state of the art embossing tools and solutions for an exacting worldwide clientele. Through our partnership, Boegli-Gravures S.A. and Körber Technologies can offer you a broad portfolio of embossing solutions for various filter paper materials.

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