We use our expertise and our excellent technologies to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco and hemp products, straws to energy storage. 

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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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We are a driver of innovation for the tobacco industry Tobacco


We have driven and transformed the tobacco industry for more than 75 years. In an industry that is in flux, by choosing our technology you safeguard your company's financial success for the future, too.

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The tobacco industry is undergoing radical change

We realized early on that the tobacco industry would change radically in the future. We developed the first machines for risk-reduced products back in the 1980s. Today, we are building on this experience to help ensure your continued success in the tobacco industry, by offering you pioneering technology, highly flexible machines and sustainable innovations.

More than cigarettes: the variety of products in the tobacco industry


Cigarettes are high-tech products. Modern makers can produce 20,000 cigarettes per minute and can perform digital quality control checks. Körber provides the appropriate technology to achieve this.

Tobacco heating products

Tobacco Heating Products (THP) are tobacco-filled sticks that are not burned, but heated. We are constantly developing additional solutions for these products.

Cigars and cigarrilos

Cigars are made of tobacco wrapped in a tobacco leaf. Cigarillos are thinner, take less time to smoke and can be produced industrially in large quantities.

Fine-cut/roll-your-own tobacco

Fine-cut is finely cut tobacco that burns very quickly. It is ideal for consumers who want to roll their own cigarettes.

Pipes and waterpipes

Pipe tobacco is usually highly flavored. A special type of tobacco is used for hookahs in which the smoke is cooled by water before inhalation. 

Smoke-free products

“Smoke-free products” consist of tobacco or alternative carrier materials. The thing they all have in common is that they are not smoked, but sniffed or consumed orally.

Körber: innovator, market leader and partner

We do not follow change in the industry: we help shape it. With cutting-edge technology that combines very high speed with top precision. With a portfolio that we are constantly expanding to include innovative, sustainable, risk-reduced products. And with a network of partners and customers in which we can pool together a wide range of expertise and ideas. This enables our customers to consolidate and expand their business success for the future, too.

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Our cutting-edge technology

HAUNI MSM multi-segment maker

Tobacco Heating Products (THP), in which tobacco is heated electrically, have sparked a real revolution in the tobacco industry. And, by the same token, in the mechanical engineering industry, too. The reason being that THP products are constantly being developed further, and this requires a high degree of flexibility from manufacturers. HAUNI MSM Multi-Segment Maker is designed to address this requirement. It gives you the flexibility to combine up to five different process steps.

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HAUNI Protos-M5e cigarette maker

The HAUNI Protos-M5e is the most efficient maker in the world. It can produce 12,000 cigarettes per minute, but operates with high precision and uses significantly less energy than comparable makers. This reduces waste dramatically. With the HAUNI Protos-M5e, you are also ideally equipped to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution: it has all the interfaces and electronic components required to collect large amounts of real-time data.

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HAUNI KDF Lead filter maker

The range of filter variants for cigarettes and tobacco heated products (THP) is continually increasing. That's why you need filter makers that are as flexible as possible. With the HAUNI KDF Lead, Körber has developed a modular system in the high-speed range of 600 metres per minute which you can use to produce all commercially available acetate filter variants.

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HAUNI TDA for recon tobacco

Reconstituted or recon tobacco is a great all-rounder; it is ideally suited for tobacco heated products and is also used as an add-back in cigarette production as well as to wrap cigars. Our pilot plant, which uses the energy-saving TDA process (tobacco dust amalgamation), can develop and produce small batches with different flavors. This enables you to bring new products to market quickly and with little investment.

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