We use our expertise to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco and hemp products, straws to battery production. 

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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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We are pioneers of digital transformation Digital


For us, digitization is not a destination, but a journey we’ve been on for some time now. We want to take you with us on this journey. Our digital solutions help you increase the efficiency of your production, cut costs and save energy.

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Turn your data into values

Data is the key to long-term success. The better you collect and analyze your production data, the more efficiently your machines and equipment can be utilized. We develop the solutions you need to achieve this: from transparent monitoring of your production lines and warehouses to precise fault analysis and improved energy efficiency.

Factory of Excellence

In the advance towards becoming a Factory of Excellence, success is intrinsically linked with an effective start. We assist companies in doing this with a structured process: after recording and analysing the current situation, the company's objectives are formulated, potential starting points identified and a concrete implementation plan drawn up.

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Your benefits

Just-In-Time supply

Warehouse management: 
10-15% higher efficiency of materials via Just-In-Time supply

Waste reduction

5-10% reduction of waste

OEE increase

up to 30% increase

Productivity increase: 

15-20% productivity increase

Our solutions for your digital factory

Four systems, one goal: we make your digital visions a reality

Increasing machine performance:

Turn your data into valuable information. Our solutions allow you to link your equipment together, collect data and use it as a basis for machine learning.


d.revamp enables you to harmonize your production with the latest control systems using the latest hardware and interfaces. d.revamp projects not only include replacing or adapting old hardware, but also consultation throughout by advising you every step of the way towards lean production. 


d.connect helps you avoid manual data collection, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. The software collects data from machines from other sources, regardless of the manufacturer, and translates it into a common "language” in real time. You can use this data to visualize and analyze faults – and take preventive measures. 


d.uptime enables you to gain insights into production at any time and from any location. The software visualizes data in real time which you can access from a mobile device. This allows you to quickly identify and respond to any faults, which reduces costly downtime of your machines and equipment.


d.BMS monitors and controls your company buildings: from fire and smoke detection, lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, to video surveillance and security. This allows you to improve your company’s energy efficiency.

Improving processes: d.operations

Keep an eye on maintenance, intralogistics and warehouse processes throughout your factory at all times – in real time. Our modular operations management software solutions can be integrated seamlessly and run on both mobile devices and equipment dashboards.


d.production controls, monitors and synchronizes in real time the execution of processes in which raw materials are transformed into semi-finished or final products. This allows you to improve the planning and execution of your processes, including cleaning, inspection and troubleshooting, on a continual basis.


d.intralogistics controls all processes, material flows and transfers along the entire value chain, whether you are using manual or forklift-controlled systems or highly automated systems, such as driverless transport systems. This allows you to reduce your throughput times, as well as increase efficiency and process stability. 


d.quality assists you in implementing ISO and other quality standards. The software continuously analyzes the performance of predetermined processes such as calibration or order processing. This data forms the basis for management review processes and decision support systems.


d.maintenance increases the efficiency of your equipment by monitoring important parameters related to planning, cleaning and maintenance. This allows you to ensure that your production equipment operates as it should, and to minimize downtime significantly.

Empowering employees: d.empowerment

Give your employees more leeway. Our d.empowerment solutions allow you to actively involve your operators and technicians in processes, decisions and improvements. This increases employee motivation, improves knowledge flow and ensures greater process stability.


d.shopfloor makes work easier for operators. From their workstation, they can quickly access all the relevant information in digital form at any time via an intuitive interface. This can include tool diagrams, work instructions, parts lists or 3D missing parts overviews, for example. enables technicians and operators to acquire extensive knowledge of the machines at any time and from any location. Processes and instructions are demonstrated on interactive 3D models and explained step by step if necessary. This ensures that your machines are operated optimally by your employees.


This central contact point gives you access to all the relevant information about your machine in one place. This makes it easier and quicker for operators to make decisions, from purchasing to spare parts procurement. A new area makes it possible to increase transparency in joint projects with partner companies.

Expert support

We are there for you whenever you need us – anytime, anywhere. Thanks to our "Technical Remote Support" and "Remote Performance Analysis” systems, we can also analyze any problems you may be having with your equipment remotely and resolve them at very short notice.

Artificial intelligence: d.AI

Prevention is better than a reactive approach: our d.AI solutions combine digital and engineering expertise. This enables you to automate your production lines and make them more efficient. Our solutions allow you to make economic decisions based on data and help you avoid human errors. uses artificial intelligence to determine how to better control the energy requirements of your company buildings. The software achieves this by correlating important parameters with one another, such as temperature control, other production processes, power spikes and even air and weather conditions.


d.OEEbooster uses data to translate findings into preventive measures and recommendations. In order to do so, the software scans your production continuously for any irregularities. For each hit, the cause of the problem is identified automatically and a service request with recommendations on what action to take is triggered.


d.digitaltwin (formerly PROM) monitors all the relevant production parameters of your Primary in real time. As soon as the software detects a change, it uses artificial intelligence to determine new parameters that are adapted to the current state and forwards them to the equipment concerned. This makes life easier for your operators and minimizes process fluctuations. 


d.prediction uses data to calculate when machine maintenance should be carried out. Instead of performing scheduled checks and taking a costly reactive approach, you can predict when faults will occur and address them before they become serious problems.

Certified data security

The sharing of data between companies is driving the digital revolution. An essential foundation for doing so is a partnership based on mutual trust. We use certification processes, so our partners can be sure that their data is in safe hands. 

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