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Reducing tobacco waste

Tobacco Waste Prevention (TWP) is an innovative and integrated approach by Hauni Consulting that prevents the generation of up to 60 percent of tobacco waste in the GLT, Primary and Secondary in every production facility.

Tobacco Waste Prevention (TWP) steht für einen innovativen und integrierten Ansatz von Hauni Consulting, der bei jeder Produktion bis zu 60 Prozent des Tabakabfalls in GLT, Primary und Secondary an der Entstehung verhindert.



Tobacco waste is a huge burden on any production: it increases the cost per cigarette, makes these costs difficult to calculate and adds process overheads, as well as further costs for reuse and recycling.


Tobacco Waste Prevention (TWP) from Hauni is the first comprehensive consulting service that helps customers solve this problem right at its point of origin. It reduces the amount of waste generated by up to 60 percent – using only the equipment they already have.

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