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Air leak detector Hauni Sodiseal by Körber

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Air leak detector for your packaging: meet HAUNI Sodiseal

Looking for ways to make your tobacco production more efficient and cost-effective? You might not be aware, but your profits can rise by making sure the packaging doesn't have any air leak.

When your product's packaging is properly sealed, both internally and externally, there is no room for degradation or damage, including during storage and transportation. That is why effective air leak measurement equipment is crucial to maintain product quality even after it leaves the factory.  

 This technology is mandatory for tobacco manufacturers. Thankfully, HAUNI Sodiseal Air Leak Detector is the ideal leak testing instrument available to boost your production. 

Due to its innovative methodology, the HAUNI Sodiseal tests the airtightness of cigarette packs and ensures the right parameters of your package are measured — precisely and repeatably. The method used in the leak detector is based on the measurement of a small variation or drop in differential pressure between the pack and reference, when both are filled to an identical pressure. 

 In just 14 seconds, the HAUNI Sodiseal can be used to test air leaks in carton packs, soft packs, internal or external sealing, as well as non-conventional packaging like soft packs or cigar sealing upon request. The leak testing is non-destructive, which means that the pack and its wrap will not be destroyed after measurements.

Körber's air leak detector Hauni Sodiseal

The device comes with a range of features, including 128 measurement programs, an automatic threshold setting mode for small and large leaks, and a differential pressure-based leak detection system. Data collection and system backup/restore is made easy with the device's USB connector, while the large color display provides a comprehensive interface. The HAUNI Sodiseal leak detector is also compatible with a wide range of cigarette packaging formats and includes pack adaptors. It can test in both pressure or depression settings and can be controlled using a leak tester device.  

The challenge is to create solutions that guarantee the physical and visual characteristics of the packaging during and after production. The final user, in this case, the smoker, can have a degraded feeling if the humidity or dryness affects the quality of the product once it is packed. This air contamination can happen a while after the sealing and may have dramatic consequences on the user’s experience - a damaged new brand pack would have a significantly negative impact on the smoker.   

The HAUNI Sodiseal is a leak detector instrument that offers non-destructive measurement, which in particular makes it possible to obtain repeatability of measurements and thus to ensure the reliability of the results obtained. After finding the measurement principle that permits the leak testing without causing any damage to the product, our engineers kept the proven measurement system and improved the security, the operation, and the footprint to offer the customers a completely adapted solution for the cigarette packs. Safety, methods, statistics, and user-friendliness are points as important as the measurement itself, and the team has succeeded in creating a leak tester equipment corresponding to the real expectations and needs of the market.  

The design of this leak tester has different functionalities as well as different programs, which facilitate on the one hand the research and development of new products, and on the other hand, the daily measurement relating to your production in terms of quality control. Thanks to this device, the quality of the sealing of products can now be studied and tested in depth, raw materials can be optimized, and ultimately the satisfaction of customers and end-users can be ensured.  

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Benefits of the HAUNI Sodiseal Air Leak Detector

Our customers have already tested and utilized this device's measurement capabilities, which have perfectly met the market's expectations. Notably, this device offers the following features:  

  • Unbiased testing against packaging machines: The instrument allows for offline testing, which ensures unbiased measurements that can be compared with those obtained from packaging makers.  

  • Reproducibility: The non-destructive nature of the measurements enables multiple tests to be conducted on the same product. The metrological department has verified the repeatability and reproducibility of these tests, which yielded conclusive results.  

  • Internal and external sealing: The HAUNI Sodiseal's working principle allows for the testing of different products, including those without plastic wrap. The instrument can be used to check the sealing quality of various products.  

  • Wide compatibility with different package formats: The HAUNI Sodiseal can be adapted to various dimensions, and the chamber and adapters can be quickly changed to suit different requests.  

  • Great compatibility with different packaging types: The instrument can test the sealing quality of both hard and soft packs without any difficulty.  

Do not compromise on quality. Choose the HAUNI Sodiseal and get the accurate, reliable, and non-destructive air leak measurements you need. Contact us today to learn more and let us help you develop the perfect solution for your company.   

Because measuring is not a game.

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