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Biodegradable filter flavors: new solution, same customer experience

We develop tailor-made flavor solutions for the paper filters that mask the off-tastes and enhances the smoking experience without compromising the product's sustainability.

It is no secret that filters are essential to cigarettes and other tobacco products. However, the conventional filter material, acetate tow, significantly contributes to environmental pollution as it is non-degradable. As a result, the tobacco industry now faces new regulations in many countries implementing restrictions on this plastic material. At the same time as the new practices can only benefit the environment, it also inflicts new challenges for manufacturers as they need to shift to biodegradable alternatives.

The most evident material to replace the usual cigarette filters is paper. But here's the catch: while it is a viable option, paper often results for the consumers in rather undesirable off-tastes, which impacts the smoking experience. 

That is why our flavorists used their expertise to solve these flavor challenges: together with our customers, we develop tailor-made flavor solutions for the paper material that masks these off-tastes and enhances the smoking experience without compromising the product's sustainability. That way, both the environment and the final customers win. 

New solution, same taste

To ensure manufacturers can provide their customers with the same experience without negatively impacting the environment, our team of experts combined Körber's 70+ years of expertise in the tobacco industry with extensive research.

The results?

We are creating unique taste solutions that enable the application of our newly developed flavors into our customer’s biodegradable filter products. They mask the undesirable off-tastes of paper and improve the smoking experience, bringing it close to the acetate tow filter taste customers are used to. 
Our flavorings are created by using ingredients that are safe for consumption, ensuring a high-quality product that meets our customer’s requirements. 

Biodegradable filters: meeting the market demands

It is essential for manufacturers to understand the importance of developing innovative solutions that meet the continuously growing market demands. Reducing environmental impact is definitely one of the trends on the list of requirements.

Our flavor solutions are beneficial for manufacturers, as it enables them to cater to evolving market new movements and regulations. Tobacco product manufacturers can utilize this solution to develop products that meet the growing demand for sustainable alternatives. They can also reduce their carbon footprint and comply with environmental practices.

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