We use our expertise and our excellent technologies to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco and hemp products, straws to energy storage. 

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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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Current edition: All competences at a glance

These six central segments characterize the Körber Business Area Technologies: Process Equipment, Machines, Services, Digital, Instruments and Flavors.


hilite 1_2023: Under a single roof.

Hauni is now Körber. What the Körber Business Area Technologies stands for and how the close cooperation within the framework of our ecosystem approach is entirely in the interests of our customers.


hilite 2_2022: Ecosystem

With its network of partners and customers, Körber creates an ecosystem that generates innovative, holistic solutions with an end-to-end approach.


hilite 1_2022: Smart Factory

How Körber combines its mechanical engineering experience with digital expertise to pave the way towards the smart factory for other companies.


hilite 1_2021: Digital Customer Journey

During the pandemic, early investments paid off: Körber was able to support its customers with digital offers along the customer journey.


hilite 1_2020: More Efficiency

Greater efficiency, lower costs: how companies in the tobacco industry are putting their factories to the test.


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