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E2E: logistics for the entire supply chain

In cooperation with the experts at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, Körber Business Area Technologies now offers integrated end-to-end (E2E) solutions for logistics – from tobacco delivery through to the supermarket shelf.

When it comes to logistics in the tobacco industry, they always involve special requirements – both for tobacco product production and for matters related to inbound, outbound and production logistics. As an established system supplier, Körber Technologies is now extending its portfolio through its cooperative partnership with the Körber subsidiary Körber Supply Chain. “We’re thus in a position to offer companies in the tobacco industry integrated solutions for their complete ecosystem from a single source,” explains Veit M. Liemen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Körber Business Area Supply Chain. “To achieve this, we combine the established expertise and industry knowledge that Körber Technologies and Körber Supply Chain have into an optimal complete package for our clients.”

Accomplished integrator

For these solutions, Körber Business Area Supply Chain brings extensive logistics and supply chain expertise to different manufacturing and retail industries. The result of the cooperative partnership is turnkey hardware and software solutions for the entire supply chain – from the supplier through to the end customer. “To achieve this, we integrate new and existing solutions into a combined system,” explains Liemen. “We thus take on the role of a manufacturer-independent integrator which combines hardware by third-party suppliers with our own solutions and manages them with high-performance software, seamlessly fusing the two into an integrated system.”

The Körber Business Area Technologies creates integrated, manufacturer-independent logistics systems for clients in cooperation with Körber Business Area Supply Chain.

Inbound transport

Logistics does not start with a company’s own production. Körber transport management solutions can be used to organise the inflow of raw materials and production materials at sites. During this process, the solutions integrate the entire transport chain into the company’s own supply chain control system, no matter whether it involves carrier freight invoicing or complete management of incoming and outgoing shipments.


Warehousing poses numerous challenges in any production facility. Tobacco and non-tobacco materials (NTMs) must be stored and fed into production precisely as required in cycles. Semi-finished goods such as filters must be stored temporarily between production steps. Finished products are moved, packed, palletised and stored in-house before shipment. Körber solutions can be used to control and organise all these tasks from a central system networked with Production and Shipping.

AMR (Autonomous mobile robots)

AMRs have become game changers in intralogistics in recent years. Their innovative technology assists with plain pallet transport, goods-to-person processes, picking and sorting tasks. Körber integrates the smart robots into existing systems or brand-new processes designed using this ground-breaking innovation.

lWe offer the tobacco industry integrated solutions for an all-inclusive ecosystem from a single source.r

Veit M. Liemen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Körber Business Area Supply Chain Consulting

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

With Körber Technologies‘ modular d.operations MOM solution, manufacturers can control and manage their production, quality, maintenance and intralogistics processes throughout their plant in real time – fully integrated with everything from manufacture control modules through to all enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The genius of d.operations is that it provides all users with apps specifically designed for their tasks.

Körber Business Area Supply Chain

Körber Business Area Supply Chain is the partner for integration of all systems into the supply chain. To achieve this, experienced experts fit new components into an existing environment or design a complete logistics system for a new building. Hardware, software and the integration of time-tested components by Körber and SAP SE or other preferred providers create a seamless complete package from a single source in every case.

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