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Enhance your snus experience with the perfect flavor

At Körber, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional flavors designed exclusively to elevate the enjoyment of tobacco, including specialized creations for smokeless tobacco products like modern snus. As pioneers in flavor development, we specialize in curating diverse and unique flavor profiles that redefine tobacco indulgence for our global clientele.

Snus: a timeless tradition with a modern twist 

Snus has a rich history dating back centuries and has evolved into a modern product catering to a diverse global market. Unlike traditional smoking, snus offers a smokeless and discreet way to enjoy tobacco. The small nicotin pouches are either filled with a blend of high-quality tobacco or tobacco-free, carefully selected flavors, and other natural ingredients.

Crafting unparalleld snus flavor experiences

Our team of expert flavorists at Körber has mastered the intricate art of crafting an unparalleled range of flavors exclusively designed to elevate the taste experience of smokeless tobacco products. From traditional tobacco notes to innovative and globally popular blends, our collection is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor innovation. 

Capturing the essence of tobacco

Through cutting-edge technology and extensive research, we have perfected the art of replicating the distinctive flavors found in tobacco leaves. Our dedication to authenticity allows modern oral users to savor an unparalleled tobacco experience in every pouch, reflecting our commitment to preserving the genuine essence of tobacco. 

An array of refreshing snus flavors 

In addition to traditional tobacco blends, we offer an array of refreshing and invigorating flavor options. From the cool and minty freshness to zesty citrus, our refreshing flavors infuse both classic snus and modern oral pouches with a delightful twist. 

Quality and safety: our cornerstones 

As a responsible flavor house, we place the highest priority on quality and safety. Every single one of our products undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they meet our clients' requirements and comply with stringent safety standards. This unwavering commitment provides peace of mind to both manufacturers and consumers, knowing they can trust our flavors for a safe and delightful experience.

White snus pouches in a tin. Above the tin is a yellow circle with the text "Request free flavor sample".

Building strong partnerships

Our team of flavor experts collaborates closely with manufacturers, offering tailored support in developing exceptional flavor profiles. We believe in supporting our clients at every stage of product development, creating captivating smokeless tobacco experiences.

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Explore our diverse range of flavors and find the perfect taste that suits your customers’ discerning palate. Elevate your snus production with our premium flavors that redefine the art of tobacco enjoyment. Click the button to claim a free sample of our best-selling flavors today!


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