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Körber Technologies as a pooling provider

With the Körber Technologies Subassembly Exchange Program, customers optimise their maintenance processes and leave a complex issue in safe hands.

Whether it’s a trimmer unit, transfer unit or knife carrier, all subassemblies in a machine need to be maintained regularly and exchanged at some point. Manufacturers are prepared for these needs with exchange subassemblies. The problem is that parts are stored unused in the warehouse most of the time.

Guaranteed availability

“With our comprehensive pool of freshly maintained, highly complex subassemblies for virtually all machines in our portfolio, we can make things extremely easy for customers with guaranteed availability,” affirms Claus Peters, Group Manager Services. “Manufacturers benefit from our comprehensive experience and reliable supply chains.” To ensure this works, Körber Technologies maintains the inventory within the pool in such a way that the pool customers’ scheduled maintenance is reliably covered at all times and ensures that the right subassembly is always available in time for the scheduled maintenance events.

In doing so, Körber Technologies guarantees 24/7 access to the pool, 100% supply reliability for all scheduled maintenance events and one-for-one exchange. “Manufacturers also incur significantly lower operating costs compared to their own warehousing,” explains Peters. “And even if an unscheduled exchange is required for a pool component, we are the right contact partner and supply the component immediately under the contractually agreed terms.” Customers enjoy further advantage regarding the subassemblies in the pool: they do not need to make any provisions for subassemblies which can no longer be repaired.

Körber Technologies guarantees total availability with a comprehensive pool of perfectly maintained exchange subassemblies and even fully replaces such assemblies that are no longer worth repairing.
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