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Higher performance guaranteed

Hauni has expanded the Performance Analysis Service to include an improvement program, with guaranteed performance enhancement and performance-based payment.



Companies often have clearly formulated goals for targeting performance improvements. The problem is finding the best way to achieve them. The key is to identify the most effective approaches and then implement concrete measures. This requires expert knowledge, which is not available in some companies.


With the Performance Analysis & Improvement Program, Hauni helps its customers to achieve immediate and long-term performance improvements, delivers guaranteed results and offers performance-related payment.

Hauni launched its Performance Analysis Service in 2016. This enables customers to compensate for the performance losses that occur over time in their Secondary machines and logistics while improving production results in the short and medium term. The expert service provides a solid foundation for improvement processes and identifies the most efficient ways to achieve corporate goals.

Paying for success

“Our customers really like Performance Analysis because they can usually quantify the efficiency gains immediately. Now we are taking the service a step further and expanding the analysis to include improvement measures,” explains Lasse Nitschke, Sales Manager for Service Products at Hauni. “Here, we guarantee two direct performance improvements of at least five percent, each with performance-based payment.”

The new range of services builds on the existing Performance  Analysis concept while integrating some important additional modules. “One new feature is that we perform a comprehensive inspection after the initial data analysis to determine the condition of the machine and its wearing parts, as well as opportunities for possible upgrades. During the last shift, we also carry out a performance test to confirm the guaranteed improvement of five percent compared to the initial key performance indicators,” says Lasse Nitschke.

lWe guarantee two direct performance improvements of at least five percent.r

Lasse Nischke, Sales Manager for Service Products bei Hauni

Going one step further

Hauni provides ongoing support for the project as a true service partner. A few months after Remote Performance Analyses have been completed, a Hauni expert produces a detailed on-site analysis of the machine and shift data. “Based on this inspection, we replace the necessary parts within the agreed scope of the service and adjust the machine settings together with our customers,” explains Nitschke. “Prior to the final report, we carry out another performance test to guarantee a further immediate improvement of five percent over the baseline from step two. This provides the final basis for our payment and the satisfaction of our customers.” 

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