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Reliable and precise calibration services by Körber

Reliable calibration services are essential for production floors and laboratories, ensuring accurate measurements and preventing costly errors. Regular recalibrations of transfer standards are crucial to maintaining precision and avoiding out-of-spec products that can result in production downtime, product recalls, or regulatory fines.  

At our accredited laboratories, we specialize in calibration services for transfer standards, providing accurate measurements and ensuring a successful, in-spec production and quality control process. Our professional setup is verified by ISO 17025 auditors, guaranteeing our ability to deliver efficient calibration services.  

To ensure the true values of these transfer standards a recalibration in an accredited laboratory is necessary. Currently there are five known laboratories in the world that can offer such specific calibration of transfer standards, two of which are Korber laboratories. The lab in France, KTEIFR, is accredited by Cofrac, and the lab in Germany, KTEIDE, is DAkkS accredited.

At Körber, we offer fast recalibration services and traceability guarantees to ensure your measurement devices remain accurate and dependable. By trusting us for your calibration needs, you can avoid the risks associated with inaccurate measurements, including wasted materials, failed products, and safety hazards. 

Our accredited calibration services align with the International System of Units (SI), the global measurement standard, giving manufacturers confidence that their products meet regulatory standards. 

In general, our laboratories are accredited for:

Calibration standards
Pressure Drop (PD) Standards
0,098-11kPa (98 Pa to 11 000 Pa)
Low Density (LD) Standards
5 – 48.000 ml/min
Laminar Flow Element (LFE)
17 – 18 ml/min; PD 70 – 80 Pa
Bubble Adapter
17 – 18 ml/min; Pressure Drop 0,1 – 13 kPa
Bubble Adapter Shisha
11.000 – 13.000 ml/min; Pressure Drop 0,1 – 13 kPa
Critical Flow Orifice (CFO)
5 – 18 cm³/s
2 – 20 ml/s; 12-100% Ventilation

Don't compromise on the accuracy of your measurement devices. Please contact us today to learn how our accredited laboratories can help you maintain precision and quality in your production process.  

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