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Innovative linear smoking machines: advances in smoke analysis

The advantages of linear smoking machines

At Körber Technologies Instruments, we take great pride in being the world's leading manufacturer of rotary smoking machines. These machines have gained widespread recognition for their precision and high level of automation, making them the preferred choice for routine analysis of cigarette emissions. 

However, we also understand that in certain application areas, linear smoking machines offer distinct advantages. In response to this need, we have developed a range of advanced linear smoking machines for various necessities, to cater to the specific testing requirements of our customers. 

The LX20: high performance and flexibility 

Our flagship linear smoking machine in this family is the modernized LX20, a high-performance, semi-automatic 20-channel analytical smoking machine. The LX20 is designed to handle higher sample quantities of cigarettes, bidis and the most common HTPs (heated tobacco products). What sets our linear smoking machine apart is its user and maintenance-friendly design, ensuring an optimal experience for operators. 

  • User-friendly design and optimal operation: Each channel of our linear smoking machine can be individually programmed, and we have preinstalled the most commonly used smoking regimes. Our software guides users intentionally, maximizing efficiency and ease of operation.  

  • Automation for ease of use and maintenance: The LX20 supports the operation by several automatic functionalities in several areas of operation - from lighting of the product till gas analysis. With focusing on the operator and their daily tasks we managed to improve the efficiency of the time spend on the machine by simplifying both operation and maintenance.  

  • Integration of on-line detection and trapping systems: The LX20 can be seamlessly connected to various on-line detection systems, as well as with common trapping systems like glass fiber filter pads (CFPs), Impingers, and electrostatic smoke traps. 

The LM5: modular flexibility for varied sample amounts 

For customers with lower sample throughput, our 5-channel linear analytical smoking machine, the LM5, is an excellent choice. As part of our modular series of smoking machines, the LM5 is a sequential operating smoking device capable of analyzing cigarettes, bidis, and the most common HTPs. 

  • Sequential smoking for smaller sample quantities: The LM5 is designed to accommodate smaller sample quantities, making it a versatile option for various applications. 

  • Multiple smoke trapping options: LM5, provides flexibility in smoke trapping options, including CFPs, Impingers, electrostatic precipitation, gas collection bags, and on-line analyzers. 

  • LM5C - Designed for cigar emission testing: As part of our modular series as well we offer the LM5C, a linear smoking machine specifically developed for cigar testing, ensuring the unique needs of this segment. 

The LM1: ideal for research and product development  

In cases where research purposes, product development or special applications come into play, we recommend using our LM1. This one-port to one-pump smoking machine is designed to smoke conventional cigarettes under ISO and intense conditions, while also allowing parameter settings customized by the user. 

  • Customizable parameter settings: The LM1 allows users to customize parameter settings according to their specific research needs. 

  • Full compliance with ISO 3308: The LM1 meets all the requirements of ISO 3308, providing airflow control and compatibility with common trapping systems such as the Cambridge Filter, Impinger, electrostatic precipitation, and gas collection systems. 

Side stream smoke analysis with the LM5S 

To address the need for side stream smoke analysis, we offer the LM5S, a smoking machine specifically designed to collect side stream smoke according to the procedures outlined in ISO 20773 and ISO 20774. 

  • Dedicated solution for side stream smoke collection: The LM5S smoking machine provides a highly flexible platform for both standard side stream smoke analysis and research smoking. 

  • Compliance with ISO standards: Researchers can rely on the LM5S smoking machine to collect and analyze side stream smoke accurately and efficiently according to the related ISO methods.

Continued innovation for enhanced emission analysis 

At Körber Technologies Instruments, we are committed to providing cutting-edge emissions control solutions to our customers using either the rotary or linear principle. Our extensive range of linear smoking machines offer unparalleled performance, precision, and versatility. From routine application with the LX20 to the modular flexibility of the LM5 and the research-oriented capabilities of the LM1, our linear smoking machines are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With specialized models like the LM5C and LM5S catering to cigar testing and side stream smoke analysis respectively, we strive to enhance the analytical capabilities of our customers. 

To explore the technical possibilities and discover how our advanced linear smoking machines can improve your cigarette emissions analysis and research endeavors, we encourage you to contact our experienced team. Click the button below to request more information or schedule a consultation with our experts. 

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