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Close-up of a thermocouple sensor, one of Körber´s tobacco measurement instruments.

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Temperature control and pressure drop sensors

Enhancing safety and quality

As the vaping industry continues to evolve, ensuring product safety and quality becomes paramount. In this article, we explore two critical functionalities that can significantly impact performance of e-cigarettes and tobacco heated products (THP): thermocouple sensors for aerosol temperature measurement and the PD Box for online pressure drop measurement. These optional tools play a crucial role in research and development (R&D) as well as in routine production areas. Let’s take a look at how they enhance vaping machine performance and thereby consumer satisfaction.


Thermocouple sensors: monitoring aerosol temperature

What are thermocouple sensors?

Thermocouples are temperature sensors that rely on the Seebeck effect, where dissimilar metals generate a voltage proportional to the temperature difference at the sensing junction. These sensors cover a wide temperature range, are self-powered, and offer rapid response times. Thermocouples provide real-time data on aerosol temperature ensuring that the vaping or tobacco heated product generated aerosol remains within safe limits.

Why monitor aerosol temperature?

Imagine a scenario where a consumer of tobacco heated products (THP) or e-cigarette inhales aerosol that is too hot, resulting in tongue burns. By measuring the vapor temperature, manufacturers can proactively address this issue. Thermocouple sensors allow precise monitoring, ensuring that the aerosol remains at an optimal temperature for a satisfying vaping experience.

Close-up of a thermocouple sensor, one of Körber´s tobacco measurement instruments.

Key features of the temperature sensor:

Online monitoring: The thermocouple temperature sensor continuously tracks temperature data of the generated vapor stream throughout vaping runs, ensuring precise data collection.

Quality assurance: Detecting and addressing aerosol temperature directly behind the vaping or tobacco heated product ensures optimal vapor quality, thereby enhancing consumer safety and satisfaction.

Consumer satisfaction: Safe vapor quality, facilitated by the thermocouple sensor, contributes to enhanced consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

The PD Box: online pressure drop measurement

Understanding pressure drop

In the intricate world of vaping, pressure drop plays a pivotal role, defining the efficiency and consistency of vapor production. Pressure drop refers to the decline in pressure as air or vapor traverses through the system's components, which can significantly influence overall performance. Monitoring pressure drop in real-time is crucial to ensuring optimal functionality and enhancing the vaping experience.

Introducing the PD Box

The PD Box is designed to measure online pressure drop during the analytical run on vaping machines. Unlike conventional methods that rely on periodic checks or estimates, the PD Box offers continuous and precise monitoring of pressure dynamics throughout the analytical vaping process. By providing instantaneous feedback for any readings from the expected pressure levels, the PD Box empowers manufacturers to take proactive measures, maintaining consistent vapor quality and product reliability.

[Translate to English:] Close-up of a pressure-drop sensor, the PD Box,one of Körber's tobacco measurement instruments.

Key features of the PD Box:

Online Monitoring: The PD Box continuously tracks pressure drop dynamics throughout vaping runs, ensuring precise data collection.

Quality Assurance: Detecting and addressing pressure drop anomalies promptly ensures optimal vapor production, thereby enhancing product quality and consumer satisfaction.

Consumer Satisfaction: Consistent vapor quality, facilitated by the PD Box, contributes to enhanced consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

By integrating the PD Box and thermocouple sensors into vaping devices, manufacturers demonstrate a forward-thinking commitment to safety, quality, and consumer satisfaction within the rapidly evolving vaping industry. Prioritizing the adoption of these advanced tools allows companies to enhance their product offerings and maintain a competitive edge in meeting consumer demands.

Consider implementing these functionalities to elevate your vaping products, and remember, informed decisions lead to better vaping experiences. Explore the possibilities today!

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