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Enhancing Quality Control with Our Advanced Test Stations for Tobacco Products

A Legacy of Innovation and Customer Feedback: The Story of Our Test Stations 

Our measuring stations are steeped in history and are representative of a long know-how reinforced by the experience and daily feedback of our customers. Our philosophy: to adapt to the particular needs of each of our customers, through generic and customizable stations. 

Our first control station, Sodimatic, launched in 1980, reflects the beginnings of this know-how. The first all-in-one automatic multi-measurement with printing and statistical calculation capabilities.  

A conclusive test led to the development of the Sodimat in 1988, the first computerized station commonly used throughout the world. A measuring station with an iconic name, which can be found in manufacturing workshops all over the world, and even became a "star" in Patricia Cornwell's novel, "the Southern Cross". The computer opens doors never reached before in terms of historization and traceability of data, network connection, maintenance and connects the production floor to the instrument.  

Sodimat continuously evolved according to customer feedback over the years, offering unfailing resistance to the production floor environment. Some Sodimat can still be seen now days despite 25 years of intense use. This station was retired in 2004 after more than 15 years of existence and opens the door to the Sodiline and Sodiqube series, pushing flexibility and adaptability to its maximum. 

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The Sodiline Series: Customizable, Modular, and Accurate Measurements 

The Sodiline Serie, the most well-known test station around the world, is the highest range of modular test stations in the market. Continuously adapted to market trends, this equipment gives you the perfect metrological system to measure physical parameters on your samples. 

Modularity and Customization: Configure the parameters you need to measure and easily change the configuration without technician assistance. The plug-and-play system allows for quick module exchanges, minimizing downtime. Our test station incorporates cutting-edge technologies like vision systems, shape inspection, multiple diameters, cutter modules, and automatic loaders, providing unmatched flexibility. 

Fully Automatic and Comprehensive Measurement: Samples are directly measured on each module with full automation. Our partnership with Körber enables a complete automatic system that optimizes production control. Measured results are relayed back to the maker, enabling data integration and adjustments in ongoing production. 

Wide Compatibility and Standards Adherence: The Sodiline series covers a broad range of tobacco products, including RRP, THP, Cigars, Cigarillos, Filters, Tubes, Cigarettes, and hemp products. We strictly adhere to ISO and CRM standards, ensuring metrological accuracy and compliance with global recommendations. 

Suitable for Production Floors and Laboratories: The Sodiline series excels in both production floor environments and laboratories. Its robust design and reliable measurements make it a polyvalent instrument, helping you achieve production goals, enhance customer loyalty, and ensure precise measurements. 

Totally renewed a first time in 2013 and a second time in 2022, this third generation of The Sodiline series comes with a new design, a new user interface and electronics integrated latest technologies.  

Sixteen different modules for more than twenty different parameters are available and ready to use. We are always looking for new ideas, projects, and we are keen to develop new solutions thanks to our R&D team, which brings the Sodiline series to high customization possibilities. 

With its modular design and customizable features, the Sodiline series is recognized as the leading test station worldwide. It provides a comprehensive metrological system for precise measurements on various samples. The station's cutting-edge technologies, automation, and adherence to global standards ensure accurate results and seamless integration with production control. From production floors to laboratories, the Sodiline series offers unmatched flexibility and reliability, making it the preferred choice for quality control in the tobacco industry. 

Sodiqube: Compact and Customizable Test Station for Efficient Quality Control  

Building upon the success and the experience obtained from the Sodiline series, we bring in the Sodiqube—a test station designed to fulfill the needs of customers seeking a set configuration within a reduced footprint. 

While the Sodiqube differs from its relative, the Sodiline, in terms of modularity and options, it shares the same sensors, measurement principle, and HMI (Human Machine Interface). This ensures a known technology in a different station driven by the same reliable software.  

The Sodiqube excels at measurements of physical characteristics for cigarettes, filter rods, cigarillos, and even cigars—just like its predecessor, the Sodimat, the first-generation test station launched in 1988. Notable differences include short stick compatibility and a modern HMI. 

Weight, pressure drop, ventilation, diameter, length, and hardness are among the parameters that can be controlled and measured by the Sodiqube. Although it lacks modularity, the Sodiqube remains a customizable test station. Customers have the freedom to select the desired parameters for the 3, 4, or 5 slots available in the Sodiqube during the purchase process. 

Despite its compact size, the Sodiqube enables the measurement of a high number of parameters. For example, a Sodiqube configuration can include measurements of weight, pressure drop, ventilation, diameter, length, and still have space for hardness measurement. These 3 to 5 slot configurations cover a wide range of quality control requirements for cigarettes or filter rods. 

Both the Sodiqube and Sodiline test stations offer tailored solutions for efficient quality control in the tobacco industry. The Sodiqube, with its compact size and customizable configurations, fulfills the fundamental requirements while providing a known technology driven by reliable software. On the other hand, the Sodiline excels in its modularity and adaptability, offering maximum flexibility for customers.  

Whether seeking a set configuration or a highly flexible measuring station, our Sodiqube and Sodiline series cater to diverse needs, ensuring accurate measurements and comprehensive quality control in cigarette and filter rod production.   

Revolutionizing the User Experience: The Sodi-QIS Software 

After a decade of hardware innovation, we have also reimagined the human-machine interface of our KTEI solution for quality control. Our modern design aims to provide operators with a user-friendly experience while addressing new requirements such as monitoring, reducing manual input, and ensuring traceability of every action performed. 

The Sodi-QIS software, available on both the latest generation of Sodiline series and Sodiqube series, introduces a new era of security, traceability, and time-saving features to our test stations. Key enhancements include: 

Database Libraries for Efficient Management: Our software incorporates libraries of data that manage measurement parameters and calibrations, reducing the need for manual entries. These libraries store and manage lists of transfer standards required for calibration, maker data, shift information, and brand parameters. By minimizing human errors during the calibration process and batch measure preparation, we ensure accurate and reliable measurements. 

Enhanced Traceability and User Access Management: Every log, calibration action, parameter setup, and user login/logout is stored in the database, ensuring comprehensive traceability. Our software enables precise monitoring of the test station's status, leaving no room for assumptions. With user access management tailored to different roles, we offer flexible and adjustable security controls to meet varying access control expectations.  

Step-by-Step Guidance for Calibrations: Recognizing that extensive scientific knowledge should not be a prerequisite for sensitive operations like calibrations, we provide a step-by-step guide that walks operators through the entire calibration process for each measurement. This feature ensures accuracy and consistency while simplifying complex tasks.  

Faster Measurement Results: The latest software version reduces the measuring time by 30% compared to previous versions. Quicker results allow for prompt optimization of maker parameters, limiting out-of-tolerance production and minimizing waste of materials, time, and money. 

With the Sodi-QIS software, we have introduced a game-changing solution that combines security, traceability, and time-saving features to elevate the performance of our KTEI test stations. 

Ensuring Reliability and Efficiency: Our International After-Sales Service 

Our success is built upon a robust international after-sales service. When it comes to a measuring instrument controlling a production as sensitive as tobacco, it is imperative that the instrument performs at its best. 

We place utmost importance on guaranteeing the reliability of measurements because an instrument cannot afford to operate halfway. Equally significant is the durability of our devices, as any failure can disrupt operations for the user. To address these concerns, our team of international technicians promptly and professionally intervenes to proactively ensure the smooth operation of our machines and swiftly restore them to working order in case of breakdowns. 

Our after-sales service serves as a testament to our expertise and unwavering dedication to our customers. We consider all valuable feedback received from our customers, which is carefully studied and incorporated by our development teams to drive continuous improvement in our stations. Furthermore, being part of the Körber Technologies group empowers us with vital support in terms of information exchange, customer care, and development, enabling us to adopt a holistic approach and thrive within a comprehensive ecosystem. 

Experience unmatched reliability and efficiency with our International After-Sales Service. Our team of experts is ready to assist you. Contact us by clicking below. 

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