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Körber: partner for improvements

Hauni takes an interdisciplinary approach to improving processes – prioritizing clearly focused, structured pathways that are always transparent for its customers. Scoping, assessment, optimization, standardization and upgrade are intermeshed for deeper insights and flexibility. This allows customers to benefit from the Hauni Group’s unique competencies in the fields of digitization and asset management, as well as from the specialist and industry knowledge it has acquired over many decades.


... clarifies the topics and goals of the project as well as the customer’s pain points. Among other things, Hauni uses:

  • management interviews
  • factory audits
  • initial data analyses
  • definition of KPIs and project priorities


... defines the status quo and sets the baseline for future improvement strategies using a combination of expert and data-driven analysis. These methods include:

  • analysis of machine performance
  • OEE loss analysis (cause analysis)
  • machine inspections
  • process audits
  • data analysis up to Big Data


... prioritizes and implements the defined measures step by step to generate the optimum results using existing plant potential. Examples of optimization measures are:

  • introduction of cleaning and maintenance plans
  • centerlining of parameters
  • optimization of spare parts supplies
  • digital dashboards


... transfers knowledge gained from the optimization to apply these improvements on a larger scale and establish them as standards for other machines, lines or factories.


... raises production efficiency to a new level and stabilizes the improvements achieved, irrespective of the human factor, through targeted measures, such as:

  • modernization
  • installation of lowwearing components
  • changes to processes
  • implementation of manufacturing execution systems (MES)

Performance improvement

... measures the effectiveness of the implemented measures in comparison with the baseline defined in the assessment.

Paid-by-performance business model

The cooperation between the Hauni Group and its customers will change due to the growing importance of paid-by-performance services. The prerequisites for this are:

  • development of joint targets
  • conitoring of the implementation
  • continuous KPI measurements
  • regular status reports
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