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Passion. Precision. Performance.

Hauni’s new strategy for the period until 2024 reflects the challenges posed by the profound changes facing the tobacco industry and defines its key future fields of action.

Passion. Precision. Performance. What’s behind the new Hauni tagline? 

Jürgen Heller: The entire tobacco industry – and the Hauni Group is no exception – is experiencing major changes: We are developing innovative products in response to changing consumer habits, so our solutions are shaping the dramatic transformation of this industry. In addition, we are opening up new industries and applications in markets where we have not been previously active, such as paperbased drinking straws. We have to adapt to the conditions and requirements that apply there and demonstrate maximum flexibility wherever we operate. Our willingness to change and learn draws on the passion we bring to our work. Our tradition of high precision enables us to master all the tasks we face – and always with the aspiration of offering our customers machines of the highest quality and reliability so they can build sustainable success.

lWe always aspire to the highest quality and reliability.r

Dr. Jürgen Heller, Chief Sales Officer at Hauni

But a tagline is not a strategy for dynamically changing markets...

Andreas Panz: The tobacco industry is in a state of upheaval – and our customers are increasingly the people who are pushing us towards a smokefree world. We like to take an active approach to tackling new challenges. Trends such as digitization and sustainability are ongoing processes that are already changing the future of us all. In short: we are facing up to these changes, building on our existing strengths and supplementing these with new plans.

Jürgen Heller: Over the past few months, we have been working on the new Hauni strategy for the period up to 2024, taking on board precisely these changes and defining our approach to the key fields of the future. Here, we remain true to our tagline “Passion. Precision. Performance”, which underpins our position as a market and technology leader.

lWe are bringing our technological expertise to new industries.r

Andreas Panz, Chief Technology Officer at Hauni

What will these key fields be in the future? 

Jürgen Spykman: Machines, systems and service products for conventional cigarette manufacturing are a mainstay of our success. We offer our customers the most modern service portfolio in the industry and create custom solutions. Our task in the coming years will be to continue to adapt and develop this portfolio in line with the prices that can be achieved, expected unit sales and the technologies demanded by the market. This will require us to consistently implement our Hauni Group 21+ concept and develop it continuously – sometimes even while we are implementing it. There is no other way to ensure that we always satisfy our customers‘ requirements and remain the world‘s leading supplier in the industry.

lWe offer our customers the most modern service portfolio in the industry.r

Jürgen Spykman, Chief Executive Officer at Hauni

The classic cigarette is losing ground globally. What does this mean for Hauni’s strategy? 

Andreas Panz: It is clear that Tobacco Heating Products (THP) have already established themselves in many key markets and are becoming increasingly important in new regions. It is essential that we keep pace with our customers’ ongoing product developments, provide targeted support for the wave of innovation that is sweeping the globe, particularly in the “heat up” sector, and make our mark with high-performance solutions. This applies to research and development as well as to tobacco processing and machines for making new end products.

Jürgen Heller: Shifts in consumer behaviour towards lower-risk products such as e-cigarettes, and customers’ desires for more environmentally friendly products, e.g. with biodegradable filters, are also important factors that are determining the direction of Hauni‘s strategy. We want to play an active role in these market segments as well and continue to work intensively on suitable solutions. It’s also part of the development work in the area of our core product – tobacco.

“Core product” makes it sound like there are others...

Jürgen Heller: That’s true, but this has been the case for some time. In recent years, we have been very successful at tapping into growth markets that reflect important global trends and are outside our traditional portfolio.

Where do you see these growth markets?

Jürgen Heller: The global megatrend of digitization is a good example. Here, we want to take a leading position in the field of “smart factories”. Our experience as a machinery and equipment manufacturer with a global service presence and expertise in digital systems and solutions puts us in a strong position and supports our customers on their path to the smart factory. We are working with partners along the entire value chain to develop technologies and solutions that will enable us to achieve this goal.

Andreas Panz: We also see further growth markets outside the tobacco industry. Put simply, we are willing to invest in new markets and successfully apply our high level of technological expertise in new industries – again paired with the trends of digitization, service and sustainability. Expanding our products and services in precisely these areas will be key. Take the Hauni Straw Maker HSM, for example. This is the fastest machine of its kind for the production of paper drinking straws and has already won over some important customers.

Regardless of the industry, technological know-how is not everything. Service is also a key factor when selecting a supplier…

Jürgen Spykman: As the market leader, we already have an enormous base of installed equipment. This is the foundation for the competence of our services. We plan to further expand our performance in this area, offering solutions for the entire life cycle of the machinery we have already installed through our global network of local providers. We complement our services with digital products and provide standardized and customized solutions to improve our customers‘ processes. Moreover, and especially when it comes to service, we work globally with Passion. Precision. Performance. This means: We offer attractive services that meet the highest standards of quality and punctuality and completely satisfy our global customers.

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