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Perfectly timed maintenance

The maintenance solution of the future must be tailored precisely to the production environment and use digital tools to guarantee optimum efficiency with minimal downtime.



Regular maintenance is vital. But finding a solution that fits in with the time and cost requirements of your production department can be challenging. 


Bespoke maintenance solutions from Hauni are designed to meet the precise requirements of each customer. Flexible maintenance concepts – developed in partnership with ccustomers – take account of the individual circumstances of each production facility as well as specific needs and goals.

Do you want to maintain the value of your machines? And secure the long-term viability of your production plant? Then it’s high time to think about maintenance. Integrating maintenance work into daily production schedules is a major challenge for companies as they attempt to balance the need for high capacity utilization with demanding quality, efficiency and cost targets. “Naturally, every one of our customers wants to run their machines with the lowest possible number of interruptions. But, as we all recognize, there is no ‘one size fits all’ concept in this industry,” explains Dirk Reuscher, Key Account Manager Sales bei Körber Technologies. “When we examine maintenance requirements in detail, we find major differences between plants. That’s why we focus on customized solutions for made-to-measure maintenance programs that are in line with our customers’  business goals.” 


Modular system for perfect maintenance

Körber Technologies' flexible maintenance concept considers each company’s risk tolerance, challenges, goals, budgets and available resources. It offers customers maximum security with just-in-time delivery of scheduled maintenance packages. “In concrete terms, this means customer-specific selection  of the machines and parts to be maintained. It also involves adjusting maintenance intervals to the production environment and the actual condition of individual parts or assemblies,” explains Reuscher. “We do this by providing services, for example, that allow maintenance to be performed offline on individual assemblies while the machine continues to operate using a replacement module.”

These kinds of maintenance solutions offer two important advantages: lower costs and a considerable reduction in production machine down-time. The key component in the solution’s success is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). “The software centralizes maintenance information for the entire production plant – independently of the manufacturer – and simplifies maintenance planning in the areas of machine availability, spare parts and human resources”, says Reuscher. “The CMMS software already offers the level of plant efficiency and maintenance control that is expected of the factory of the future.”

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