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Illustration, showing how a factory's energy consumption can be measured using software such as Körber Technologies' Energy Optimizer.

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Professional energy management

As a result of an increase in sustainability requirements, energy management is gaining in importance in the tobacco industry. We, at Körber Business Area Technologies, have developed an integral solution for connecting all machines and central energy management tasks.

Daniel Zamberlan, Executive Vice President Digital Solutions in our Körber Business Area Technologies.

In modern production facilities, data transparency forms the basis for any successful sustainability strategy. To improve a factory in terms of its ecological footprint, it is essential to have precise information on the consumption of resources such as water, compressed air, electricity and gas. Due to increasingly comprehensive reporting requirements, this data will become a permanent, integral part of corporate communications in the future. However, it is not sufficient to merely collect data. It is the amalgamation of this data with advanced processes and artificial intelligence that will provide improvements in efficiency, thus constituting a genuine transformation. 

“This is why we’ve developed a system called the Energy Optimizer, which helps our customers with transparent, reliable data collection, visualisation and evaluation, clearing the way for them to achieve effective energy management”, explains Daniel Zamberlan, Executive Vice President Digital Solutions in our Körber Business Area Technologies. “The software enables manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption while optimising their production. The Energy Optimizer offers a whole variety of functions to monitor, optimise, analyse, control, emit warnings and produce reports.” 

Reducing consumption wisely  

For monitoring purposes, our system displays energy consumption in conjunction with production and building data, providing real-time information on the system’s efficiency. For improvement purposes, the software identifies optimisation patterns based on algorithms and models, thus enabling a reduction in energy costs and consumption. “This is where our extensive sector and machine expertise becomes crucial – for instance, when it comes to accurately assessing needs for the different work stages in a system,” states Zamberlan. The Energy Optimizer’s analysis functions provide access to costs, building services, production data and energy consumption levels at any time using a wide variety of diagrams and filter options. Warning messages notify operators when specified consumption limit values are exceeded. Since the software is able to detect potential system breakdowns in good time, it provides reminders for preventive maintenance to avert such incidents. 

Thanks to the integration of the Energy Optimizer into their MES/MOM/ERP systems, factory operators can synchronise building supply operational procedures with their production schedule. The software also actively helps with the creation of sustainability and environmental reports.  

“Ultimately, our customers benefit not only from the diverse analysis features and the ability to connect their entire Primary and Secondary machinery and, for example, air conditioning systems,” explains Zamberlan. “Manufacturers also gain from our decades of industry experience when they use the Energy Optimizer. We know their challenges and understand their processes. This also creates true optimisation potential for energy management.” 

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