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Responsible procurement at Körber Business Area Technologies

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Responsible procurement

Sustainability is a key element in all company areas within our Körber Business Area Technologies. When it comes to procurement, we go to great lengths to establish a sustainable supply chain and secure reliable suppliers.

Julian Poppen, Supply Chain Quality Manager in the Körber Business Area Technologies

January 2024 saw the German Supply Chain Law come into force with the aim of creating a procedural and organisational framework to identify, minimise, prevent and eliminate risks in supply chains with regard to human rights and environmental aspects. To this end, legislators selected 15 risks that must be taken into account under the new law.

We at the Körber Group readied ourselves effectively for the changed conditions imposed by the new law: “We’re taking a structured digital approach to this matter, using a risk assessment which suppliers fill out,” explains Julian Poppen, Supply Chain Quality Manager at Körber Technologies. “Numerous suppliers, who together represent about 90 percent of our purchasing volume, have already undergone sustainability risk assessment. Based on self-disclosures, the supplier data collected serves as the foundation for our business partners to make improvements. We have thus already drawn up the first concrete improvement measures together with our suppliers worldwide.”

More than statutory requirements

The experts in Supply Chain Quality Management have extensive experience in evaluating data and deriving appropriate measures. Since 2018, they have been responsible for auditing all suppliers who have sales amounting to more than 50,000 euros per year with our Körber Business Area Technologies. “We certify each and every one of these suppliers during an audit, with re-certification performed after three years,” states Poppen. “During the extensive audits, we analyse all relevant processes and documents with our suppliers. We go significantly beyond legal requirements when examining sustainability aspects, such as environmental protection, human rights, carbon footprint, or responsibility in the supply chain.” The results of the audits are provided to Purchasing and have a significant influence on the decision for or against a supplier. “The great lengths we go to as part of our commitment underscores the importance of sustainable supply chains in our company,” explains Julian Poppen. “We’re constantly investing in this respect, as we attach great importance to offering our customers sustainable products.

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