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Ensuring that the Primary runs smoothly

From dealing with capacity adjustments to preventing obsolescence or handling large-scale relocation projects: with Installed Base Management, every Primary runs wherever it is needed and exactly as required.

The rapidly changing demands of markets and products in the tobacco industry also affect requirements for every Primary. “Our customers want to make the best possible use of their existing systems wherever they are in the world and, if possible, avoid making any new purchases,” explains Ralf Kohlhardt, Head of Primary Services. “As an OEM, our Installed Base Management programme offers customers the security and knowhow they need to make future-oriented modifications to existing plants. Our experts take care of inspections and servicing as well as modernization, modifications, solutions for obsolete parts and assemblies, optimization and, where necessary, relocation of the plants. As a manufacturer, we also see ourselves as responsible for the machines made by our company in the long term. We help our customers to continuously maximize the potential of their Primary,” says Kohlhardt.


New challenges for existing plants

A lot has changed at JTI Bangladesh in recent years: whereas the previous owner of the factory was primarily concerned with volume, JTI's primary focus is on quality. “Our HDT was actually oversized for that,” reports Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan, Engineering Manager at JTI. 

lKörber’s Installed Base Management presented us with a concept for the rebuild and successfully implemented it within 47 weeks. Today, the dryer is perfectly matched to the line performance and helps us meet our high quality standards at all times.r

Kohlhardt offers a typical example: “Changing demand in the area of tobacco processing requires adjustments to machine specifications. Changes in tobacco composition are just as noticeable as new brands, other blends or varying sales volumes. We support our customers with tailor-made modifications and new functionalities that align their plants with current conditions. This is a good option for many clients as it is usually cheaper to have a plant professionally converted than to purchase a new one.” Kohlhardt also points out further advantages of Körber’s customized solutions, such as high investment security and the guaranteed availability of spare parts. “As an OEM, we understand our machines down to the tiniest detail, offer excellent service and guarantee minimal downtimes to ensure our systems will continue to do their job reliably at all times for years to come.”

Installed Base Management scope of services

Professional relocation from A to B

Sometimes, however, it is not just a matter of technically adapting machines to new tasks, but of getting them to their destination in the first place. Here, too, Kohlhardt’s team have all the necessary expertise at their fingertips. “Primary machines have a very long service life. As a result, the number of relocation requests is constantly increasing,” says Kohlhardt. “Whether it's from Honduras to Nigeria or from Russia to Ethiopia – our years of experience ensure a smooth relocation process and quick start-up at the new site. We handle everything from inspection and servicing  to dismantling and packing as well as making any nec-essary adjustments to the plant.”

lOur professional conversions are usually cheaper than buying a new system.r

Ralf Kohlhardt, Head of Primary Services

Obsolescence prevention

In the Primary sector, in particular, long delivery times can result in considerable production downtimes if important electronic components are discontinued. 
“The enormous number of new drive systems we have installed worldwide last year alone following discontinuations underlines the importance of Installed Base Management. We believe that informing customers in good time and offering them specific solutions for discontinued components is an important part of the services we offer throughout the life cycle of our plants,” reports Kohlhardt. 
“Through our consulting services and the implementation of individual solution concepts, we ensure that the required production capacity is available in the Primary at all times. This guarantees adequate supplies to the Secondary so customers can continue to operate their existing plants at a sustainable level.”

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