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Cylindrical pre-rolls: the ultimate choice for manufacturers in the hemp industry

In the rapidly evolving world of pre-roll manufacturing, innovation is the key to success. As demand for unique and efficient products increases, manufacturers have an exciting opportunity to establish themselves as industry leaders.  

One such innovation that is revolutionizing the pre-roll market is the shift from conical to cylindrical pre-rolls. With many benefits for manufacturers looking to grow and become industry leaders, tubular pre-rolls are currently the best option to positively impact the market and provide customers with the best smoking experience. 

To illustrate these benefits, we've rounded up some of the most important advantages for production on the tube side of the force. This is what you will learn in this article: 

1. What are cylindrical pre-rolls?

2. How are cylindrical pre-rolls produced? 

3. Advantages of cylindrical pre-rolls compared to conical connections 

4. Learn more and connect with our team of specialists

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What are cylindrical cannabis pre-rolls? 

Cylindrical cannabis pre-rolls, also known as straight pre-rolls or cigarette-like pre-rolls, are a popular and standardized form of cannabis consumption. These pre-rolls resemble cigarettes and come in two main varieties: pre-made tubes filled with cannabis or assembled directly when rolled. Due to the cylindrical format of the joints, these pre-rolls offer a familiar smoking experience similar to traditional cigarettes, making them an attractive choice for consumers looking for a consistent and convenient way to enjoy cannabis. 

How are cylindrical pre-rolls produced? 

In the field of cylindrical pre-roll production, manufacturers use three different methods: individual rolling, filling into tubes, and industrial production based on the principle of cigarette manufacturing.  

Each technique offers unique benefits and considerations that address different production requirements and efficiencies. Understanding the nuances of these methods allows manufacturers to make informed decisions to optimize their cylindrical blooming production. 

In the individual rolling process, the filler is metered and rolled individually for each pre-roll. However, this process has significant limitations in terms of production speed and customization options. 

In tube filling machines, the filler is individually metered and filled into prefabricated tubes. After filling the cannabis, the burning end of the pre-roll is twisted or folded to prevent the cannabis from falling out. Körber Technologies produces a remarkable entry-level model called the TFM Tube Filling Machine. The ready-to-use machine offers unmatched speed in its segment, filling up to 80 pre-rolls per minute with precision and consistency.  

In contrast, industrial pre-roll production is continuous. The filler is continuously distributed and formed into a rod, which is then wrapped with paper. The rod is cut into individual pre-rolls in which filters are placed. 

This repeated process allows for different production speeds. In this segment Körber offers the Cantos Automatic Maker which efficiently processes hemp biomass and pure flower material at a speed of up to 150 pre-rolls per minute. Furthermore the fully automatic Maker Nano-H  shows the full potential of Körber’s technology with the fastest and most innovative pre-roll-machine worldwide which can achieve an output of 5,000 pre-rolls per minute, depending on the filling. 

TFM - Tube Filling Machine Körber
TFM - Tube Filling Machine Körber
Cantos Automatic Maker
Cantos Automatic Maker
Nano-H - Fully Automatic Maker
Nano-H - Fully Automatic Maker

What are the advantages of cylindrical pre-rollers over tapered connections? 

Unlike the predominantly known cone joints, cylindrical pre-rolls provide a standardized smoking experience, improve production efficiency, ensure consistent product quality, and promote regulatory compliance in the hemp industry. 

To illustrate the main advantages of cylindrical joints compared to the usual cone joints, we have listed the strongest points of straight pre-rolls: 

Reducing production costs: conquering the pre-rolling industry with competitive prices 

One of the outstanding advantages of cylindrical pre-rolls compared to cones is their remarkable potential to reduce production costs. The cylindrical format offers a more economical and efficient production process that requires fewer materials and leaner manufacturing processes. Unlike cones, which require additional materials and complicated forming processes, cylindrical pre-rolls are easier to manufacture, resulting in significantly lower material and labor costs.  

With production costs as low as $0.01 per unit compared to cones, which cost about $0.05 per unit, the cost efficiency of cylindrical compounds is proving to be a key advantage for pre-roll manufacturers. By taking advantage of this cost reduction potential, manufacturers can not only increase profitability, but also gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic and expanding pre-roll market - all while providing high-quality products for discerning consumers." 

Scalable production: meeting the demands of a growing market 

Cylindrical pre-rolls offer pre-roll manufacturers the advantage of scalable production and enable them to efficiently meet the demands of a rapidly growing market. With state-of-the-art machines such as the Nano-H, manufacturers of stock rolls can significantly increase their production capacities.  

With our Nano-H machine capable of producing up to 5,000 pre-rolls per minute, manufacturers can efficiently fulfill larger orders and expand their customer base. This scalability not only increases operational efficiency, but also enables manufacturers to take advantage of opportunities created by increasing demand in the pre-roll industry.  

Improved longevity: less susceptible to damage during packaging and transport 

Another significant advantage of cylindrical pre-rolls is their superior durability compared to conical pre-rolls. The cylindrical shape of the tube joints provides greater resistance to damage during packaging and transportation. This feature ensures that pre-rolls arrive in perfect condition, reducing product loss and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Versatile packaging: simplicity and cost efficiency 

Tubular pre-rolls offer pre-roll manufacturers a packaging solution that is both easier and less expensive to implement compared to cone pre-rolls. The cylindrical shape lends itself well to efficient packaging and reduces the risk of product breakage. In addition, the packaging process can be better automated, saving manufacturers time and labor costs. 

Biodegradable filters: commitment to sustainability 

Körber stands for innovation and their for also for sustainable production processes, moreover  environmental concerns become increasingly important in the cannabis industry too, pre-roll manufacturers are actively promoting sustainability. Cylindrical pre-rolls offer these manufacturers an excellent opportunity to prioritize environmental awareness in their production processes. By incorporating biodegradable filters into the production of pre-rolls, manufacturers are contributing to a greener future while meeting the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.  

More than that the use of tubing connections allows for the seamless integration of these biodegradable filters, providing a sustainable smoking experience that is consistent with environmental values. This commitment to sustainability positions pre-roll manufacturers at the forefront of eco-friendly practices in the cannabis industry. 

Improved product customization: meeting consumer needs with multiple filter options 

The beauty of cylindrical pre-rolls lies in their unparalleled flexibility, allowing manufacturers to adapt their products to different consumer preferences. Whether it's a squeeze filter, a biodegradable filter, a regular acetate filter, or even flavored filters, our Cantos and Nano-H machines can seamlessly incorporate any type of filter desired. Switching between different filter materials is effortless and requires no set-up time.  

For those who opt for the more compact TFM (Tube Filling Machine), there is also good news, as a wide range of prefabricated tubes with different paper and filter combinations is available. There is also the Nano-T Tube Maker from Körber Technologies, which can produce up to 8,000 filter tubes per minute and can be converted from 15 mm to 25 mm filters in less than four hours. 

This versatility allows manufacturers to serve an ever-evolving market and ensure that their cylindrical pre-rolls resonate with discerning consumers seeking customized experiences. 

Popularity and better smoking experience: familiarity and airflow 

Cylindrical pre-rolls offer a smoking experience that is familiar to tobacco users. The shape and airflow of tube pre-rolls closely resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes, giving consumers a sense of familiarity and comfort. This familiarity, combined with the better smoking experience that cigarette-style pre-rolls offer, makes them an attractive choice for consumers, further increasing their popularity in the market. 

The shift from tapered to cylindrical pre-rolls represents a significant advancement in pre-roll manufacturing. With benefits ranging from cost reduction and scalability to improved shelf life and versatile packaging, tubular compounds offer pre-roll manufacturers the opportunity to compete in a highly competitive industry. In addition, the use of biodegradable filters demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and appeals to environmentally conscious consumers. As the popularity of cylindrical compounds increases, supply roll manufacturers utilizing this innovation can position themselves as industry leaders and drive the future of supply roll manufacturing. 

Want to make your cannabis business a success with tube pre-rolls and comprehensive customer support to develop your products? Talk to one of our pre-roll specialists today: 

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