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Our products combine proven engineering expertise, the very latest digital technology and an extensive portfolio of services worldwide.

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Industry solutions for pre-roll production

Pre-roll machines

Elevate your pre-roll production with our cutting-edge machinery solutions designed specifically for the hemp industry. At Körber, we understand the unique challenges and demands of pre-roll manufacturing, and our comprehensive portfolio of machines is here to revolutionize your production process.

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From entry-level tube-filling equipment to fully automated industrial systems, our range of options caters to businesses of all sizes and production requirements. Whether you're a small-scale operation looking for simplicity or a large-scale enterprise aiming for maximum efficiency, we have the perfect machinery solution to match your needs.

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The ultimate entry-level machine

Meet our TFM Tube Filling Machine, your gateway to streamlined production of up to 80 pre-rolls per minute.

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Unleash your potential

For high-volume production of a consistent brand, our Cantos automatic maker produces up to 150 pre-rolls per minute.

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The future of pre-roll production

Our Nano-H fully automated industrial maker has an astounding capacity of up to 5,000 pre-rolls per minute.

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Maximize resource efficiency

Based on the renowned Direct Waste Recovery system (DWR), the DWR+ is the optimized version, specifically designed for hemp pre-roll production.

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Explore our pre-roll machine selection

TFM Tube Filling Machine

Revolutionize your hemp pre-roll production with the TFM Tube Filling Machine. This entry-level model offers unmatched speed, filling up to 80 pre-rolls per minute with precision and consistency. With its streamlined design, the TFM is perfect for frequent brand changes, as it can be quickly cleaned and converted. Experience minimal waste, easy integration with standard tubes, and the convenience of a ready-to-use machine. Upgrade your production process and meet the demands of the evolving hemp market with the TFM.

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Cantos automatic maker

The Cantos automatic maker delivers unmatched efficiency and precision, processing hemp biomass and pure flower material at speeds of up to 150 pre-rolls per minute. Its flexible format setting and online weight control system ensure seamless adaptation to different pre-roll sizes while guaranteeing precision and consistency. With minimized waste and easy cleaning, the Cantos streamlines production and maximizes resources.

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Unleash high-speed precision with the Nano-H, a fully automatic maker designed for industrial hemp production. With a remarkable capacity of up to 5,000 pre-rolls per minute, this machine sets new standards for efficiency and productivity. Optimized for shredded hemp blends and recon paper, the Nano-H removes heavy particles, ensuring a pure end product. Experience precise rod formation with closed-loop weight control, minimizing waste and delivering a homogeneous hemp rod. Enjoy easy operation and full support from Körber, including operator training and technical assistance.

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The DWR+ is a specialized waste recovery system designed for use in hemp pre-roll production. It is able to directly recover up to 90 percent of hemp from rejected pre-rolls, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for reducing waste. The machine can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into an online production system and is suitable for every hemp pre-roll maker. It operates as a self-contained unit, requiring no staff, and has a throughput rate of approximately 35 kg/h. The DWR+ is easy to integrate and has a flexible layout, making it a versatile addition to any pre-roll production line.

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Choose Körber Technologies for Unparalleled Excellence

With our cutting-edge machinery solutions, we empower pre-roll manufacturers to achieve their production goals with unparalleled excellence.

Our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is what will make you the industry leader. Join us in revolutionizing the hemp manufacturing landscape today.

Contact our team of experts to discover the ideal machinery solution for your pre-roll production needs. Let us elevate your business to new heights of success.

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