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From tobacco to cannabis manufacturing: how Körber Technologies' 75 years of expertise benefits hemp pre-roll manufacturers

In the world of manufacturing, experience is elementary. It's the wisdom, the mastery, and the insight into the nuances of an industry that often differentiates one company from the rest. At Körber Technologies, our expertise spans over 75 years in the tobacco manufacturing domain. This in-depth expertise is also an advantage for the rapidly developing sector of hemp pre-roll manufacturing.

In this article you will learn about:  

1. Tobacco expertise in the hemp pre-roll industry

2. Similarities and differences

3. The best solution for your individual needs

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Tobacco expertise in the hemp pre-roll industry

Across the decades, we've observed and actively shaped the evolution of tobacco manufacturing with a clear vision: to anticipate change and lead it. In the 1950s, our Filter Cigarette Assembler, known as Max, revolutionized cigarette production. On the tobacco preparation front, our introduction of Körber's green leaf threshing machines, cutters, and conditioning cylinders transformed tobacco processing. Our motivation has always been to stabilize processes, create distinctive flavors, and simultaneously enhance tobacco yield. 

This foresight led us to develop the first machines for risk-reduced products back in the 1980s. Today, we continue to build on this legacy, offering pioneering technology, highly adaptable machinery, and sustainable innovations. 

In the cannabis pre-roll industry, the parallels with tobacco are striking. Both require precision, speed, and an unwavering commitment to product quality. It's here that our decades of experience truly shine. We understand that both sectors demand efficient machinery and innovative solutions. Having mastered these in tobacco, we are poised to apply the same level of expertise to the world of hemp pre-roll manufacturing.  

Key metrics like filling power, ideal particle distribution, particle size, and moisture content have been our compass for creating the perfect smoking experience for decades. Now, this wealth of knowledge finds application in the cannabis industry.

Close-up of a cannabis flower.

Similarities and differences 

While similarities exist between tobacco and hemp pre-roll manufacturing, such as the need for precision and efficiency, vital distinctions also emerge. Cannabis, being a distinct plant with unique characteristics, necessitates its own set of considerations. We've harnessed our extensive tobacco expertise to bridge these gaps seamlessly. 

Rolling Process: In both tobacco and hemp cigarette production, the rolling process is pivotal. It involves the meticulous encasement of smokable material in a paper wrapper, demanding precision and consistency to maintain product quality. Notably, while cut rag (processed and blended tobacco) consists of robust, longer fibers, milled cannabis comprises shorter fibers and poses handling challenges due to stickiness. Our specialists excel at managing this stickiness, ensuring impeccable quality and consistency for the final hemp product. 

Raw Materials: differences arise when comparing tobacco and cannabis as raw materials. "Cut rag," the ready-to-use tobacco for cigarette making, is a blend of various tobacco types (e.g., Virginia, Oriental, Burley), each processed distinctly. 

In contrast, cannabis processing for pre-roll production is still in its infancy. It's widely acknowledged that cannabis needs to be milled before use in pre-roll production, but the methods to increase yield, influence taste, and assure consistent quality remain relatively uncharted. This is where Körber leverages its 75 years of tobacco processing intelligence to shape the future of cannabis processing, with due consideration for the plant's uniqueness and the preservation of each cultivar's terpenes and distinctive flavors. Our experts adeptly navigate these variations, optimizing the handling and processing of each material to deliver superior quality and consistency in the final product. 

Quality Control: Manufacturers of both tobacco cigarettes and hemp pre-rolls adhere to stringent quality control standards, ensuring that each product meets specific criteria, including size, weight, and appearance. Drawing from decades of tobacco production expertise, we have seamlessly transitioned into the cannabis manufacturing industry, applying our acquired knowledge to maintain high-quality standards. 

We at Körber Technologies are a proud member of the CORESTA Board, actively contributing to setting standards for quality assurance methods and standardized testing in the tobacco industry. Additionally, our laboratory instruments uphold the highest standards and have revolutionized quality testing in the cigarette industry. 

From startups to big corporations: we offer scalable solutions tailored to your exact needs

One size doesn't fit all in the manufacturing world, and we understand that. Whether you're a startup venturing into the hemp pre-roll industry or a well-established corporation seeking to enhance your production capabilities, At Körber Technologies, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Entry-level up-to-speed solution

Starting small doesn't mean compromising on quality. Our entry-level Tube-Filling Machine (TFM) is designed to cater to new entrants, providing simplicity without sacrificing precision. We know the challenges of breaking into a competitive market, and our machinery ensures you start strong. 

In comparison to the cone filling machines that are available at a much higher price than our TFM, the TFM offers a robust filling and ends-folding process for straight tubes. Straight tubes do only cost a fraction of the cones. Furthermore, straight tubes are available with many different types of filters and wrapping paper, allowing you to create your unique brand and appearance. 

Discover more about the TFM and its 80 pre-rolls per minute capacity.

Körber's TFM Tube Filling Machine, an entry-level cannabis manufacturing machine, designed for efficient tube filling processes.
TFM - Tube Filling Machine

Scale up your pre-roll production

If you're a mid-sized manufacturer looking to scale up, the Cantos automatic maker might be just what you need. The machine delivers unmatched efficiency and precision, processing cannabis biomass and pure flower material at speeds of up to 150 pre-rolls per minute. (speed upgrade kit for up to 200 pre-rolls per minute available). 

Its flexible format setting and online weight control system ensure seamless adaptation to different pre-roll sizes while guaranteeing precision and consistency. With minimized waste and easy cleaning, the Cantos streamlines production and maximizes resources.  

The Cantos functions with the continuous making principle, that is also used on the big cigarette makers, and has just like its bigger siblings, our latest weight measuring system on board, the MIDAS XR.  

Learn more about the Cantos Automatic Maker.

Körber's Cantos Automatic Maker, a cannabis manufacturing machine known for its automated production capabilities and precision.
Cantos Automatic Maker

Big players go bigger

Even industry giants benefit from innovation. With a remarkable capacity of up to 5,000 pre-rolls per minute, our fully automated Nano-H is tailor-made for large-scale enterprises aiming for maximum efficiency and precision.  

We understand the demands of high-volume production and provide machinery that can keep up with your needs. 

Get to know our Nano-H full automatic pre-roll maker.

Körber's Nano-H, a high-level cannabis manufacturing machine with a capacity of 5000 pre-rolls per minute.
Nano-H - Fully Automatic Maker

We are your trusted partner

At Körber Technologies, we don't just supply manufacturing equipment; we're your dedicated partner in planning, designing, and implementing your hemp pre-roll production. With 75 years of tobacco expertise, we're well-equipped to help you succeed in the ever-evolving hemp industry. 

As we expand from tobacco to cannabis equipment and services, we invite you to explore our cutting-edge machinery and comprehensive product development solutions.  Let’s shape the future of hemp pre-roll manufacturing together.  

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