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The end of all silos

How End-to-End (E2E) solutions take transparency and efficiency to the next level through comprehensive system integration along the entire product cycle.

The distance a combustible cigarette or HTP product travels from its creation to its use is long. First, the necessary raw tobacco has to be produced, purchased and transported in the Primary. From there, filter and rod maker combine the final stick, which in the next steps is wrapped, packed and transported to the warehouse. From there, the finished pack finally reaches its destination, usually via retail centres, supermarkets or drugstores.

The efficiency potential along the entire value chain is correspondingly diverse. For example, if you want to achieve greater sustainability in waste avoidance, material use and energy consumption, you have to keep an eye on raw material extraction and procurement as well as transport and logistics, production and distribution. Optimization in all these areas is interdependent - and yet so far, they have mostly been managed, evaluated and optimized in isolation.

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