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Pheromone traps for tobacco beetles and moths Pesticide free products


As a savvy manufacturer, you know that even a minor pest infestation can cause significant damage to your entire supply chain. That's why we offer innovative and effective pheromone insect control traps to help you stay ahead of the game and protect your valuable tobacco products from harmful moths and beetles.

Meet Lasiotrap and Contrap: our ingenious pheromone pest control traps that will prevent infestations at any stage of your manufacturing, storage or transportation of your tobacco products.

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Tobacco pest control solutions

Storage Monitoring with Lasiotrap

The Lasiotrap was developed to monitor tobacco storage areas. It is well-suited for early detection and localization of insect pests. You can also use the Lasiotrap to determine the severity of an infestation and check the effectiveness of your measures to combat it.

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Container Monitoring with Contrap

The Contrap was explicitly created for monitoring containers and storage areas, making it an ideal tool for early detection and localization. The Contrap can also determine the magnitude of a beetle infestation and evaluate the efficacy of the initiatives taken to address it.

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Control infestations with Contrap and Lasiotrap

Developed exclusively for tobacco manufacturing

Reduces pest control costs and harmful insecticide usage

Suitable for containers, warehouses, processing or shipping areas

Recognizes infestation at an early stage

Körber quality assurance

Pheromone effects last up to six weeks

Contrap and Lasiotrap: pheromone solutions for cigarette pest control

Both pheromone traps operate by using an attractant placed in the center of a sticky glue patch, which is designed to lure and trap tobacco moths and beetles. The traps have small holes allowing the pheromones to release slowly over time, remaining active for up to six weeks.

While Contrap has a rather flat, oval shape and fits loaded containers where space is constricted, the triangle-shaped Lasiotrap is designed for warehouses and processing areas where available space is usually not a problem. That doesn’t mean that either would be ineffective in different (or opposite) environments — the two designs simply give users a choice in cases where there are space restrictions.

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Worldwide insect pest

The tobacco beetle

Also known as the cigarette beetle, the reddish brown, almost hemispherical beetle has a size of 2 to 4 mm. Its body is covered with fine hairs and can be found all over the world. Besides leaf tobacco and tobacco products, the undesirable beetle also infects dried fruits, peanuts, cocoa, maize, wheat and spices.

The tobacco moth

The tobacco moth is 6 to 10 mm long and has a 12 to 20 mm wingspan. The upper forewing is banded pale grey, rather sinuate, and the lower wing is unicolor silver grey. For the tobacco industry, the larval feeding on tobacco (especially flue-cured and oriental) is the most significant damage. Furthermore, the tobacco moth attacks dried fruits, cereals, flour, spices, chocolate and nuts. The stored commodities are being spoilt by silk threads and fecal material.

Tobacco pest traps

For effective pest control, our tobacco pheromone traps provide a practical solution. To get started, store the pheromone capsules in a cool place below 20°C and open the sealed pouch just before deploying the trap. The capsules remain active for 4 to 6 weeks, providing reliable monitoring. When the capsules lose effectiveness, it's time to replace the trap with a new one to maintain optimal pest control.

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